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Hi there!

Any way to allow typing math equations like

LaTeX is the most easy and universal language. 

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There is no solution at the moment, but we’re going to provide relevant API quite soon to enable this use case.

Do you think you would be able to use API to build specific web-plugin? 

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I’m not a developer, but I could with some help (I know Python and am learning Javascript). And I would love to work on building a math-capable whiteboard!

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It's great if you're up to it!

As I said, we'll release a relevant feature in the near future, I'll update you as it is released.

In the meantime, if you're interested, you can start discovering our building platform at 

Easy solution.

If Miro would support “Insert image from URL”.

Then you could use (or your favorite LaTex editor) to  write the equation. Codecogs generates URLs that are dynamically converted into images. It also generates embed code, bit Miro doesn’t seem to play well at this time with the codecogs embed code.

This works well for embedding equations as images into Google Forms. It should be viable here with little developer effort.

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Actually, we do support inserting image from URL, but only on developer side, in the client side SDK (not for users).

So, as @Matthew Reischer said, with a little developer effort - it is possible 💪

Could I know when would this feature be arriving? I am an engineering student, I need to type a lot of math equation. Hopefully this feature is as intuitive as possible, I am not a hard core coder.

I wish this feature come by August. 

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Are there any updates on this? I use MIRO for brainstorming ideas that have to expressed formally (math equations). Also, the organization I interned at last summer missed this feature. Data Science folks would love this feature.

Hi! Any updates on this topic? I’m using Miro to summarize my readings from the PhD and I’d like to insert math expressions and systems.


I am an engineering teacher and new to miro.

I was hoping I would be able to create boards with math equations for my students but it seems this much needed feature is not yet implemented. 

Any news on when it would be available?



I’ve created a tiny Mathjax-based LaTeX integration web plugin for Miro, install it from here.

It’s a simple port of a LaTeX to SVG example I found in Mathjax documentation, and that I tweaked to instead generate a PNG image. The image is not directly added to the board for now (Miro image widget isn’t writable for now), so one needs to right-click+copy the image, close the dialog and paste on the board.

Works great -- thanks a bunch!


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Thank you! your plug-in works nicely for me. I had an issue using it on Safari, but it worked great in Google Chrome.