Google documents integration - Automatically Update

  • 17 June 2020
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I am trying to use Miro as an Obeya room which consolidates documents describing strategy, goals, KPIs, and other dashboards into a single place.  At this time, all of the supporting documents originate as google docs, sheets, or slides.  Unfortunately, the are a number of problems with this integration:

  1. Miro only likes to present the first page of the source google document, as described by the normal print settings.  This means that either the documents must be limited to one page or they must be “exploded”.
  2. If the document is “exploded” then it is no longer possible to synchronize the document with any updates from google.
  3. If the document is not exploded, then only the first page survives a refresh.
  4. The refresh must be done manually.  If there are many documents imported to the Miro site then the update process is too cumbersome to be useful.

What is needed is:

  1. The ability to regularly update google content - once per day would be sufficient but more frequently would be better.
  2. The ability to select and display a specific slide within a google slide document based on the URL, not slide number when printed.
  3. The ability to select a specific tab within a google sheet document, or better yet a range.

1 reply

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I came here to request this. Nice to see that someone else had the same thought, but a bit depressing that it has been so long and that it didn’t get much traction. I’m using a board with multiple Google Docs in it. It would be super helpful if those linked docs could at least be refreshed when the board is reopened, if not on a schedule.


Alternatively, I’d settle for being able to select a large group of uploaded docs and then click on an option that refreshes all selected Google Docs links. 


At any rate, I hope that some kind of improved refreshing of Google Docs is in the works. If one can manually click on the refresh icon for each one separately, it seems it should be possible to automate that multi-step process.