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  • 1 June 2020
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Exporting as image to a file is fine, but often that exported image is immediately opened, copied to the clipboard, and pasted as an image into another application--chat systems, wikis, documents. The file is never used again.

It would be lovely to remove the intervening steps, the launching of a Preview/image viewer app, and the clutter of the exported files and simply export to clipboard.


8 replies

I just use the Windows snipping tool (free) or Snagit to grab images quickly and paste them in other documents, chat, slack. It is super simple to do since the tools are already available. I can even annotate the image or highlight someone if I need to. Not sure that helps, maybe there is a specific reason to have it in the tool, but this works well for me.

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I just use the Windows snipping tool (free) or Snagit to grab images quickly and paste them in other documents, chat, slack.

Screenshots are a quick and simple option to be sure. The export tool in Miro, even at its “small” setting, though, creates images of the frame at a much higher resolution independent of your display, and without any grid lines, object selection markers or other UI elements that you might want out of the way in a screenshot. It seems silly to be able to generate these quality bitmaps (or SVGs, etc) and not be able to feed them directly to the clipboard.


With Transparent Background please!



Please. Please. Please. 

All day I’m either exporting, importing or using a screen capture tool.



Even quicken which has the worst reputation in the world for User Experience supports pasting an image from the clipboard to a transaction instead of having to upload it from a file.


There. I’ve thrown down the challenge.  Is Miro better at UX than Quicken?


Seriously please implement this.





Please add a way to copy images from miro to clipboard

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Agreed. I’m thoroughly frustrated with exporting large diagrams inside frames. Even at 500%, the max for a .pdf in Chrome, the lettering in my screen objects is too small to read and there’s no way to fix it except to make smaller diagrams.

My go-to is to use the screenshot tool built into Firefox, which is just Ctrl+Shift+S. But that shortcut doesn’t work when I’m using Miro. Is this accidental/incidental? could it be fixed?

PLEASE!  It definitely feels like Miro is doing this to keep people inside MIRO.  But ultimately we use it to collaborate but need to get content out quickly.  Please start seeing miro as one tool in peoples arsenals not the only one.