Create / add the role of a facilitator (rights between owner and editor)

  • 14 March 2021
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A “facilitator” role is an essential feature for every setup where 

  • the owner of a board is not also the facilitator of a workshop where a board is being used
  • more than one person is (co-)facilitating a workshop that uses a board
  • more than one designer is involved in creating / preparing a board for a workshop

Especially the “hide/unhide” frame option - if used - currently prevents any board from being used by anyone else than the owner.  

As long as there can be only one “owner” with the editing rights associated to this role, every setup that includes “team work” or “division of labor” on the creator side of a board would need this additional role of a “facilitator”, mainly to

  • allow facilitators to unhide frames the creator (owner) of the board did hide
  • allow facilitators to unlock objects that cannot be (accidentally) unlocked by (guest) editor

There are many additional rights a facilitator might enjoy over (guest) editors, including access to certain objects like frames, to prevent newbie-users to mess up a board by accidentally adding content to the board that they should not / did not intend to add. For some ideas on this, please look

I understand that changing the roles might be a major intervention. But as more and more people (and teams) use Miro, this extension to the rights management would remove some painful restrictions to internal workflows of any team (not single users) that works with Miro boards on their client’s projects.

5 replies

The “facilitator” role is starting to become pretty critical with the new features that Miro is introducing.  We have trainers who run our events for us, but we do not want to hand over ownership of the boards they are using (which is irreversable, after all - you can’t take ownership back).

However, we do want them to be able to:

  1. Use hide/show frame.
  2. Unlock “double-locked” frames.
  3. Copy objects (ctrl-c, ctrl-v) between boards.

Point 3 is the one I hit today; I’d like to give our trainers/facilitators permission to do this without having to grant every team member the permission to do this (which also includes the permission to download boards etc.).

Adding the extra role level will make it possible to control permissions better for trainers/facilitators who are not owners.

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@Dot / @WolfgangRathert  - Coming very soon to a paid-Miro account near you…

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@Robert Johnson - this is great news; credit to the Miro team for reacting to this feature discussion.  I’ve had a look at the co-owner feature and it bridges some of the gaps we’ve discussed in this thread, but not all of them.

What we could really do with is more granular control over what is allowed for a role.  As an example, it seems odd that in order to give a user permission to use the protected lock and to show/hide frames, we also have to grant permission to share the board with others, download the board, change permissions so others can download and copy the board.

That’s an awful lot of permissions that we have to grant in order to provide use of the protected lock and show/hide frame features.

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This is great news, our LMS can now setup boards for our instructions where they can facilitate freely, without having to “pass me the owner token” between segments.

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Turns out the REST API doesn’t accept “coowner” (it returns that information when asking for board members, but user connections can’t be changed to “coowner” via the API).