Assign Lifecycle to Frames

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In the Office we have major issues keeping track of Content, so much so that we end up exporting PDFs and abandoning Boards after a Project/Product is completed.  But this makes going back and retrieving information difficult/impossible.  Even during heavy usage of Miro it is hard to keep track of what is relevant or what has been abandoned.  There are many workarounds, trust me we have explored many of them, but I feel the implementation of “Special Frames” where Change Management can be applied would all but eliminate the issues I described in a clean transparent manner.

I envision that the Frame can be prescribed a Lifecycle which could be defined at a Global Level to be various states: Draft - Allows anyone/all to make changes, Review - Allows adding/commenting but not changes to existing content, and then Approved - No more content changes or commenting.  These are only examples, would be great if Company Admins could create their own Lifecycles appropriate to their Teams’ Workflow.

I envision Users working on Content and assigning a Lifecycle to the Frame to identify the level of completeness of their ideas.

I envision Miro being able to pull Frame Lifecycle Details and post it on a Dashboard as KPIs for Team Leads/Management to see idea status.

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