You wanted Anonymous mode, we built it!

  • 18 September 2023
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Anonymous mode


The new version of Private Mode on sticky notes allows you and your team to re-word, prepare, and consider ideas completely anonymously.

Experience a safe space to run retrospectives and feedback sessions on Miro. When we say anonymous, we mean anonymous -- 

  • No authors in user-experience: Cursors and hover-over names are anonymized (names and colors)
  • No labels on interface: Author labels would say “Anonymous” forever
  • Back-end panels anonymised: Widget info would note “Anonymous” for ‘Created by’

Interested in trying it? Click here!

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2 replies

We tried this with a team (who used to use gDocs, yuck!) for retro’s. They indicated that even with anon mode on (not private mode, just anon sticky mode) they could see who was authoring a sticky. 

Do I as board creator need to be in “present” mode in order for the authors of their respective stickies to remain anon? 

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Hey @Stacey Lovelace did you use Miro on a computer or a tablet?