Introducing Attention Management for your team remote meetings and workshops

  • 15 May 2020
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Introducing Attention Management – a powerful facilitation functionality that ensures your remote workshop participants never get lost and are constantly engaged in collaboration. 


Attention Management is a powerful facilitation feature for remote meetings and workshops. It allows meeting organizers and workshop facilitators to guide participants and ensure everyone is following and engaged. 


This feature is especially important for facilitating massive workshops with dozens of participants because it helps direct their attention to the area of the board where collaboration is happening at a particular moment. 


It’s very intuitive and easy to use – simply navigate to the cursors tracking panel in the top right corner and 

  • Click on your own avatar to bring all or individual collaborators to the area of the board you want them to focus on 

  • Click on the avatar of a particular collaborator to start following them

Learn more about this feature and its availability across plans in our Help Center article.  


3 replies


I have to say I am so happy about this. This is something that Mural has and I prefer Miro over Mural, but my team said Mural handled workshop control better. so YAY!:heart_eyes:

I am so happy with this news! It’s a perfect way to get everyones attention and to help those who just cannot find where you are when de board is full of stuff! It makes de facilitators life so much easier :heart_eyes:

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I love how fast Miro responds to feature requests… awesome job guys. This is a game changer for using Miro for remote training and facilitation.