Integration update: Atlassian Smart Links!

  • 8 December 2020
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For all the Confluence and Jira users out there, we’re excited to announce a new update that makes it even easier to bring Miro into your Confluence pages and Jira issues with Atlassian Smart Links!

Try out the three new Miro display options: an inline link, a card view, or a fully embedded board so you can easily build a whiteboard into your workflows.

To add a Miro Smart Link, simply paste your board URL link on a Confluence page or Jira ticket or type “/link” to insert. Once pasted, you can display the board as one of three options:

  • A small “inline” link which can quickly show anyone viewing the page what the board title is.

  • A more impactful “card” view where you can see more information about the board, including a thumbnail preview and the time it was last updated.

  • A full embed, where anyone with the appropriate permissions can view, comment, or edit the live board.

Note: The board permissions are what is set in the board sharing settings. 


6 replies

@Hollis Kool Thank you for the update. One question: Smart Links work in Confluence Cloud and after I connect my accounts Atlassian Links is visible as an integration in Miro. 

Two problems: 

  • I only see the normal Dropdown for Display URL/Link/Card, instead of Inline/Card/Embed
  • Preview is not created. 

Question: Does this work with a Consultant Plan? Can’t find another explanation, tried everything else… 

Same here, I’m on the Consultant Plan too and have the same issue.

“Connect to preview” does let me install Atlassian Links to my teams but I’m still stuck with URL/Link/Card afterwards.

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Hi @Klaus Ergert and @Joerg Mueller-Kindt , thank you for flagging! It looks like it’s a plan-wide bug that we’re working on. Will update when it’s resolved.

Hello @Hollis Kool .

Do you have an update on the issue with Atlassian Smart Links embedding?
I see only options of: Display URL/Link/Card still :pensive:

@Hollis Kool is this still an open bug?

Seeing this in our enterprise account. Would love a fix for it.