Entity relationship diagram (ERD) / Cardinality / Crow's foot notation released!

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Hello Miro Community, 

I’m excited to let you know that we just released the entity relationship diagram modeling tool. 

To design efficient databases, a clear-eyed understanding of the entities, attributes and relationships in your system is essential.



Entity relationship diagrams make gaining clarity easier. Use them to visualize databases, and collaborate with team members to define and refine your diagram on the fly. The result? A well-designed system with less re-work during the building process.

The benefits of creating entity relationship diagrams in Miro:

  • Industry standard shape packs help teams build world-class systems together

  • Improve the quality of your databases by visualizing and removing redundant entities and relationships

  • With just one tool, collaborate and build entity relationship diagrams, so teams spend their time designing better solutions — not context switching 

This is part of our Smart Diagramming offer and available for Enterprise, Business, Consultant and Education plans. 

Curious to learn more? Visit our Help Center for more information. 

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@Turner Pijpers Thank you!  This helps! 



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Amazing! Came here looking for this!

@Turner Pijpers  Can the Diagrams be exported as a CSV file to create an actual database schema?

Are we able to remove “fields” from the table? Currently, the default is 3 fields/fows, and my table only requires 2 rows, however, I cannot see an option to remove a row. Thanks

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  • Click any cell in the table. 
  • Click the three dots above the table in line with that column to select the ‘column’ and reveal ‘column’ options. 
  • The menu that floats on the board for options for that item have now changed. 
  • There is a trash can on the far right of that menu. That deletes the column. 
  • The same can be done for rows with the three dots on the left


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Miro does not natively allow export of an ERD for database representation / specification.

However, using the Miro SDK/API, this would be possible.


This will work with SDK V1 for now and soon SDK v2. The way these new line types are specified is lineEndStyle and lineStartStyle, and the line also gives you the startWidgetId and the endWidgetId.



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Thank you @Max Harper

A bit out of my technical skill at this time unfortunately… 


Hopefully miro will bring this functionality natively - 

As well as turning all objects into database records, that would be awesome - (similar to creately)

Otherwise miro trumps everyone in terms of UX and functionality by wide margins.

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@Eden Look at the Airtable integration with Miro. It turns Miro board items into Airtable database records. 

Hi @Turner Pijpers! This new feature is so awesome and we are already diving in using it for a big project we are working on.

One thing we just ran into that I wanted to ask about – we have a few existing tables we are working to visualize, and pasting rows from Excel into one of these ERD objects puts all the rows into one cell. Are there any plans to make pasting from a table spread out to multiple rows in the table diagram object? Or maybe there is something I am doing wrong and it’s already possible!

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@Max Harper it could certainly be more intuitive, but if you click on a row, the trash can icon in the toolbar deletes it!

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@jakebarry Brilliant… don’t know how I missed it. Thank you. 

Sory, i do  not  understand  how to  install this feature. I need  a tool to  build relationship table. Somthg like corporate chart. 

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@Ivan Deryabin Naviparking 

The link at the very top in the first post has an article explaining how to get the ERD objects and connectors onto the board. 


Hope that helps. 

I have anothe case. I fed up  of  drowing relationship diagram  manualy  by mouse, I want to  build it automaticaly from a google or better excall table

Import from CSV would be a huge feature for the new ER Diagram capabilities - and is is a feature supported by other products, including lucidcharts… Hope it’s on the roadmap for delivery soon.

Import from CSV would be a huge feature for the new ER Diagram capabilities - and is is a feature supported by other products, including lucidcharts… Hope it’s on the roadmap for delivery soon.

Realy? Lucid chart  can build a diagrem from CSV?

Most other products don’t require you to pay double just to get normal database symbols along with a bunch of collaboration features that a single user not on a team does not need. Not being able to export to Visio is already an issue. Not being able to make very basic database diagrams without paying double to upgrade seems like a money grab. This is unfortunate because Miro is superior in other ways. 

Is there anyone that observes performance issues when working with ERD?