Unintentional automatically locked

  • 7 June 2021
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Elements on my Miro board are being automatically locked and it drives me crazy.

I created a collaboration space and lock everything on the board accept for text boxes I've asked people to fill in. I check and double check: the frame is locked, some elements are locked, text boxes are not. And then, when I come back to the board after a while (a day or so), all element are locked, including the text boxes I'm absolutely sure I didn't lock. I'm afraid people can't fill in the text boxes when they're locked so I keep returning to the board to unlock the text boxes. I've repeated this 5 times now and it drives me crazy.

How is this possible, and what can I do about it? 

7 replies

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@Sophie Kramer -

Objects shouldn’t lock themselves automatically so either there was a transient glitch in Miro or someone is messing up your board when you aren’t there. 

Have you checked the Miro activity log because I confirmed that locking activities are recorded in it?


Hi Kiron, thanks for responding to my question! 

It still puzzles me what's happening here. The activity log doesn't show any locking activity.

What prevented locking the text boxes was unlocking the elements in which I'd fitted the text boxes. Suboptimal, since people could now move those elements around. But it least the text boxes didn't lock anymore after that..

This works for now, but makes me a bit hesitant about using Miro text boxes again.


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@Sophie Kramer - FYI: The Activity List log will not explicitly use the word “lock” For example, I just locked a sticky note and this is reflected as “edited” - again, suboptimal.


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@Sophie Kramer -

Can you provide some examples of the parent shapes/elements which text boxes were used in where you were experiencing this unplanned locking behavior?


I’m dealing with a similar bug right now. I’ve locked elements in the past (text boxes, shapes) but I’m currently redesigning my board, so I want everything unlocked until I’m done.

I keep unlocking things, and then working for a bit in different parts of my board or other miro boards. After a few minutes, when I come back, everything has been re-locked without me. The locking isn’t showing up in my Board History, not even as “edited”.

It’s only re-locking things I’ve locked in the past, so maybe this is a different bug than the one described in this thread?

Found a workaround: I can copy the elements that keep relocking, paste a new copy, and delete the old ones. Then Miro won’t re-lock them, because they haven’t been locked in the past.