Professional resolutions for 2022!

  • 8 December 2021
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What skills do you want to develop in 2022?:innocent:

Personally, I’m super excited to learn how to be a better facilitator so I can feel more confident as a cross-functional leader? 

How about you? Drop your ideas below and let’s discuss how we can learn from each other! 

4 replies

Happy New Year! Cheers to 2022! 

I am wanting to take better advantage of the integrations that we have in place at Miro! By better utilizing integrations such as Slack, Google Cal, and Zoom I will more easily streamline my workflows and more easily share boards with my colleagues. :sunglasses:

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Happy New Year everyone!


One thing I’m trying this year is to build better morning/after work/evening routines to better support new habits or goals I’d like to try. When I was reflecting on my morning routine, one thing I’d like to try more of is refresh on my top priorities and biggest opportunities to make sure my work throughout the week is impactful. I set the “start view” on my main hub Miro board to those goals so that I see it every time I open it up. Would love to hear from others who use routines or systems to help achieve their goals!

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@Jen Clark is your main hub MIRO board like a personal work roadmap?  I’ve found success using many different systems as there’s no silver bullet. 

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@Kevin Kinisky It’s like a personal/professional hub! I jotted out some personal and professional goals for the year and created a vision board centered around the habits I’d like to incorporate this year. Then I linked it out to brainstorm spots and resources. I feel like I use a combo of the James Clear/atomic habits approach and a bunch of other stuff combined. I also use Notion alongside Miro for that database/to do list factor. I’m finding a combo works best for me!