How are you using your Miro Verified badges?

  • 4 February 2022
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Hi all, 

It’s been a few weeks since we launched Miro Verified, a way for you to earn skill badges on Miro Academy. How are you currently using those badges today or how would you like to use them in the future?

I’ve added my badges to my LinkedIn profile as a way to share my skills with Miro.

12 replies

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@Melissa Milloway -

I’ve also added them and they are supposed to propagate over to LinkedIn but it doesn’t seem to be picking them up (see below). Not a big deal for me as I am not actively trying to promote/monetize my Miro acumen, but it would be interesting to note if others are having the same issue…



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@Kiron Bondale - After some research, I found these steps (you need to initiate the process by “Sharing” from Credly to LinkedIn):

Steps completed:


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Excellent @Robert Johnson - I knew it had to be something straightforward like that!


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I’ve got mine on LinkedIn as well - easy peasy!

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Tnx for this! \o/

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I got my badges as well and then used Credly to automatically add the certifications to my profile as it’s much easier than manually typing it out. Unchecking the ‘Share to feed’ checkbox helps if you don’t want to notify your network after every single badge completion. 

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This post reminded me to go through the courses for the badges. Completed and shared on LinkedIn.

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HI all!


I got my badges and then  I used Credly to share it with the world.


Best regards,
Pedro Silva

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Little question : Where do we update our badges in our profil ? In Miro Community?
I have 3 and want to show them :) :heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Hi @Véronique Carbonneau, so cool you have all three badges! :boom:

It is not currently possible to add these Miro Verified badges to your community profile, but you can add them to your LinkedIn page. Have you already tried this?

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I’ve only got one badge so far and I’ve shared it on Linkedin. Will get the other two asap. :innocent:

Would be :star2:awesome:star2: to be able to add them to our community profile! Do you think it will be possible in the future, @Marina?

Hi @Henrik Ståhl, thank you for sharing this idea :relaxed: And congrats on getting the badge!

I’m afraid currently it is not technically possible to add these badges right to the community profiles. But I’ll definitely keep this idea in mind for our future iterations :raised_hands_tone2: