What is your favorite Miro template and how did it change the way you work?

  • 14 December 2021
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We’re always on the search for new and interesting ways the community is using Miro and would love to know more about the templates you’re using! Your insights and knowledge not only help us better understand your use cases but also gives other community members inspiration when getting work done! Let us know if the comments below:


💬 What are your favorite Miro Templates? Did your work or life improve after using these templates?


Not familiar with using templates in Miro? Here are some examples of how others are using templates to collaborate and innovate and other resources to find more! 


Can’t wait to see your suggestions in the comments below!

8 replies

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I should have started with my favourite one ;) Anyways better late than never. 1) I love “ the OKR  Planning template.” which I am using to plan & track my life objectives :).

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My personal favorite is the love bomb template! 



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@Colleen Curtis Thank you so much for sharing!  I loved that template. I will use this when I am facilitating my next team meeting. It sure put a smile on my face just by reading the template's purpose.:smiley:

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I can’t imagine my boards without stickies packs. Yes, as simple as that :smile:

My primary Miro use case is brainstorm/ideation and this template literally saves time before or during the session :nerd:


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Ohhh I love this question!

Here are my faves: 

Monster Workshop— one of the most beautiful boards I have ever seen! @Nina Torr 

Boarding Pass by HUED — super cool for networking during remote events 

Sailboat Retrospective — a really cool take on retros @Johanna Torstensson 



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I love doing a retrospective after a project has been completed but always struggle to find a good one that allows others to see clear action items and next steps from the insights gleaned in the retro. Anyone have a suggestion of any templates they’ve used? 

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During a workshop i was surprised using the service delivery system approach. I designed a very simple template that worked so well with participants from diffeent countries




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Maybe its because I like buildings and cafe’s but I love this onboarding template from Hiro Studio. Every time Im trying to evangelize Miro to different parts of my company, I send them this board to get better acquainted with Miro and the different tools. Its a bit out of date and doesn’t include the latest features, but still gets the job done in a way a Loom or Slack explainer cant