Unique ways you use Miro?

  • 25 August 2022
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One year ago we published, “10 out of the box ways you use Miro” featuring 10 unique uses for Miro all sourced from our Miro community. From planning a trip to writing an entire novel, we were so impressed by all of the examples shared with us.

We’re writing a follow up and would love to hear from you: how have you used Miro in a unique way?

2 replies

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I moved in to an ADU this past year, which provided me my first opportunity to furnish and space plan a home proper. I was able to grab the floor plans from the property owner / architect and spec’d out furniture options, laying in either overhead photographs or rectangles to-scale per the plans. Handled all the space planning and order tracking in Miro. Really helped me build out a homestead :)

I’d share the board but the owner asked I not make the plans themselves public. I’d be happy to jump on a call if you’d like to see. The plan-specific dimensioning was probably the neatest trick on display.

In that same vein, last year, our company (Chipman Design Architecture) partnered with an organization in Chicago called My Block, My Hood, My City, enabling youth in their Explorers program to build mood boards and space plan a restaurant using Miro with assets export from Revit. We’ve run this program a handful of times since last January and it’s always been rewarding to engage with young people in the city. Their team put together a video on Instagram, and I’ve attached a few gifs showing the actual Miro board in action.



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It looks great @Kyle Chipman! 👏