Planning projects together

  • 25 February 2021
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When our team started planning new projects for the current period, we decided that it was time to have everyone participate and commit. We also wanted everyone to know about everyone else’s projects, and we wanted to provide a chance for everyone to participate in anything that was of their interest and matched their skillset. Obviously, we jumped directly to Miro.

In our board, a few things happen:

  • Everyone participated planning the projects.
  • Everyone shares updates on the activities related to the projects they are involved with.
  • Everyone provides feedback!

The last point is the one I am most excited about. During our monthly meetings, the whole team jumps into the Miro board to write questions, comments, suggestions, and provide help. We have never been a better connected team (even if we are working from home).

1 reply

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This is a fantastic recollection, @Christiam Mendoza! Inclusive participation, visually-engaging workspaces that enable feedback and deeper connectedness. It’s amazing how a simple whiteboard can do so much, yes? :sunglasses: Congratulations on enabling a great place to work while remote, Christiam!