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Hey folks, Nandagopan here. I’m a designer trying to come up with innovative, creative and responsible, human-centric solutions.

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Hello Miro community, 🤖👋
I find this tool incredible, the feeling and all the lots of ideas that come to mind about the things you can do with Miro are fabulous.
Thank you all very much for sharing your uses, tools and ideas in this community, that is the most important thing, SHARE.
I am a professor in entrepreneurship and a consultant in new business development and for these topics Miro is the ideal tool.


My name is Marcel and I am employed at Bremen University in Germany. My educational background is Spacecraft Systems and Software Engineering. In my current job I design and implement interfaces for automation and data science between our space-related research facilities 🔬

I encountered miro during the latest pandemic in 2020, when I was still in my master studies, and since then its an essential tool for me to collect information, identify and organise work packages and design system and software architectures and much more. I somehow try to combine shapes and lines to anything useful and illustrative. Sometimes, I am excited to print out a diagram on a big sheet of paper and hang it on a real whiteboard for discussion 😀

This is the first tool I encountered, where the line snapping and arrangement still can look satisfying after moving boxes around! The easy and efficent collaboration mechanism helps managing (student) team projects until today. Unfortunately, I already have more open boards than I can maintain, so I have to learn to be more economical with them.

I am excited to hear about the people here and their ideas and wish you all the best 🚀

Hello I’m Annabelle or Bella from Sydney Australia! I’ve been int he Miro community for a little while and recently changed roles/ companies. I’m excited to still be using Miro- though in my new role it’s with a different lens being work flow organisation. It’s great to be here again!


My name’s Heather and I’m an IT Training Manager.  We’ve just launched Miro to everyone in our organisation and I’m responsible for promoting it and creating a community of practice so I’d love to hear about how others have managed this within their organisations.  I’m excited about how we can use Miro and how to share examples with others. 

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Hi everyone,


My name is Tim Herbig and I’m a Product Management Coach and Consultant based in Germany (but working with clients all over Europe).


I use Miro for a variety of topics. Here are few:

  • Crafting my business strategy and OKR
  • Structuring Product Discoveries of my own topics and teams I’m working with
  • Creating templates (like Impact Mapping) for product teams to support outcome-thinking
  • To run remote workshops
  • To make talks and conference sessions interactive (see an example here: 
  • To structure and run fully remote meetups (more on that soon!)

I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’m learning with the community here and learn how others make the most of Miro.



Tim @herbigt: I’d love to hear more about your interactive sessions and Miro - we’re piloting Project Management training in 2020 and would love some ideas on the interactions your using. 


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@Melanie Flore Welcome to Miro Community! Your dog is absolutely adorable! :heart_eyes:

Hey Community This is Terry Wallace here. I am here for join the best interacting conversations and topics. Anyone can reply to have a discussion.

Hi, My name is Cátia and I am a Senior Agile Coach @New Work.

I use Miro ALL THE TIME and all my colleagues too. It has make my life easier and fun😍

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🖐🏼Mkagileman, I will definitely be visiting your YT channel! I want to learn all I can about Miro! What better way than from a Miro junkie 😆🤣

Hey there! I’m Alex, founder of I’m here to introduce our recent release--AI grammar checker and rewriter for Miro:

It is an add-in that helps you to write better in six languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Polish). Check grammar, rephrase sentences, and analyze your content quality score right within Miro.

Any feedback is appreciated. Dm me or email at

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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I’m a swimming coach and publisher helping on some web projects with friends. Love to work on sportsmanship and teamwork with inter-city kids, including lifeguard training, water polo and a disk-based game called SKWIM. 


Hello Mark,

in the 80’s and in the 90 we’ve been there in Pittsburgh.

And in both times we have been in Crafton in the swimming pool near where our friends lived.

We had a good time over there.


Hi everyone, Anserae here!  I am excited to join everyone on Miro.  Currently I manage a salon, bartender,  and am transitioning into UX/UI.  I have only used Miro once and am excited to gain more knowledge and experience from and with the community!  I am ready to grow one design at a time!

Hey everyone! 

I’m very happy to be part of this community, I love use Miro. And hope to contribute with you.

Hi there, 

I'm Alicia from the Netherlands and I work as an IT Business Analyst. I recently joined my company and we use Miro for documenting architecture. Unfortunately, when I started documenting the user flows, I found that Miro doesn't fully support BPMN. That's quite disappointing and I really hope they'll add the remaining shapes to the current BPMN set soon. I'm used to working with LucidChart in my previous organisation, hope I can get used to Miro. 

Hi all!

My name is Daine Pavloski, I’m a professor of Media Production and Communication at the University of Olivet in Olivet, Michigan. We’re a small, private, Liberal Arts institution, and I’m brand new to Miro and looking forward to see how we can use it to work collaboratively in my program and as we add new online programs to the institution!

Nice to meet you all!

Hey all,

I'm a psychiatric-mental health nurse interested in applying systems thinking to developing safe communities. Anyone with a similar interest?

Hi, I’m Tyler - I’m an EOS Implementer using Miro to work with Remote Teams. Learn more about me at and 

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My name is Wendy Tadokoro, and I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I own and run Organising Works; we help businesses to create, organise and share processes, procedures and training. In addition, we build amazing interactive online custom playbooks that centralise company information in one easy-to-manage location.

Just started using Miro with our clients and looking forward to more interactive meetings. 

I'm looking forward to learning from the community and sharing my experiences.

Welcome Wendy!!

Hi All,


My name is Mike and I am Project Manager from Chicago, IL. I manage various types of projects but have been more and more involved in innovation projects which is how I found Miro.


Miro has helped me drive collaboration in a remote environment in ways that I didn’t think were possible. I can’t imagine working it without it to the point where, my desk is no longer messy but my board that is named “Mike’s Desk” is a mess and littered with ideas, thoughts, templates, and who knows what else. 


Looking forward to hearing all the awesome ideas that everyone has!

Looking forward to becoming part of the Miro community.   Our team uses Miro for our Agile retrospectives and I am constantly introducing ways we can use Miro to plan our work.   Each time I suggest something, I am subject to strong resistance.  Then when we try it, they love it.   I use if personally for planning my outside of work activities and brainstorming my goals.  Love the mind map and ability to create flow charts.

I am a failed retiree Project Manager / Scrum Master / Product Owner.  Back to work full time since I retired in 2015. Enjoying Miro Academy and learning more about Miro. 

Hello everyone!

Great to see such sincere and dedicated individuals in the Miro community. I'm Erzhan, and I'm involved in an exciting project in the agricultural sector. Our goal is to ensure reliable hedging of transactions, enabling farmers to sell their products more efficiently directly to wholesale buyers. We firmly believe that open data can bring significant opportunities to agro countries, and we take pride in being part of this process.

Miro has been instrumental in our project, serving as an invaluable tool for visualization and achieving results. As we strive for innovation and continuous improvement, we would like to see programming capabilities and orchestration considering our established business processes. We are also keenly interested in integrating external APIs to generate exciting ideas within the platform.

I would be grateful for discussions on various topics with all of you. Let's build a community where we can exchange ideas and experiences. Thank you for your attention! 🌟

With best,

Hello Miro community. It’s great being here!

I’m Antonis, owner of Strategic Business & Growth Partnerships.

My main focus is on influential writing, and I collaborate with brands that value respect, speed, and passion.

Miro has helped me across all departments, and I’m also happy to be here with you lot.

Can’t wait to meet you all in the events. 

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Greetings, programs! (Like this post if you get the reference.)

My name is Rob Johnson. I’m from Kingston, Ontario and moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2008 where I am currently working as a business systems analyst on an IT solutions delivery team for a large Canadian insurance company.

I first discovered Miro when it was RealtimeBoard in March 2018 while searching for a tool to create process flow diagrams; a tool that would give me more space to work with than Visio. With a background in web development, I immediately fell in love with RtB/Miro as it just seemed to do whatever I wanted it to do. And if if something is missing, I know it is only a matter of time before the feature pops up. After years of using Miro, I enjoy giving back and answering questions on this community forum, not to mention learning something new myself every time I do.

When I’m not working or contributing to the Miro Community forum, you can find me cycling, running, playing guitar, taking pictures of the cats, making bar soap, or travelling as far as I can during these pandemic times.

Stay safe!

Rob (& Gracie)


Not sure that cat is quiet as keen on the snuggles as you are!

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@Jörg Goth :

Willkommen aus Düsseldorf nach Düsseldorf - komme doch in unsere Deutsche Gruppe

- würde mich freuen, Sie/Dich auch auf dem Rhein Ruhr Event zu sehen:


Viele Grüße

Michael Landers