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@Melanie Flore Welcome to Miro Community! Your dog is absolutely adorable! :heart_eyes:

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🖐🏼Mkagileman, I will definitely be visiting your YT channel! I want to learn all I can about Miro! What better way than from a Miro junkie 😆🤣

Hello Miro Community,


My name is Logan Grime, and I’m a freelance Full-Stack Software Engineer. I live in Toledo, Ohio, United States of America, and I love Backend Development the most. I use Miro to organize many of my collaboration sessions with others.


Thanks for having me,

Logan Grime

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Hello from Pittsburgh, PA, USA. I’m a swimming coach and publisher helping on some web projects with friends. Love to work on sportsmanship and teamwork with inter-city kids, including lifeguard training, water polo and a disk-based game called SKWIM. 


Hello Mark,

in the 80’s and in the 90 we’ve been there in Pittsburgh.

And in both times we have been in Crafton in the swimming pool near where our friends lived.

We had a good time over there.


Hello, Miro Team of Experts!

Ethel here.  I am a Global Continuous Improvement Black Belt.  Just want to share how much I appreciate how Miro makes collaboration sooooo much easier and more productive for me and my global team.  I am based in California and the rest of my team are in Europe!  While they sleep I work and share my input and vice-versa! 


The Talktrack feature is also AMAZING for report outs if a team member is not able to attend.

When I use to work for a different company, I used to be one of the original Miroverse members.  Thanks for the swag, btw!  How do I get reinstated and how can I change my account email?

Keep up the great work! 



Hi Team,

I love reading all the introductions. You seem like a creative and thoughtful group!

I’m an architect and founder, designing schools where learners thrive (

We love using MIRO for design jams with our design and education team, and also with clients. I’m also nurturing a startup that uses generative AI to empower human-centered design. We use MIRO for tech diagrams and wire frames to guide decision trees and software.

I’m looking forward to the session on storytelling. The success of our new startup will depend on telling a compelling story, so I’m all ears!

Hey the Miro Community!


Julien from LANE Digital Consulting, representing Switzerland 🇨🇭

As a digital transformation and marketing agency we use Miro for all our internal and external activities.
We also recommend the solution to our customers for brainstorming and BPMN creation.
Miro is our daily ally to collaborate and communicate ideas efficiently.
We also created a Miro workshop template to onboard new users and present them with all the functionalities of the tool!


Feel free to reach out to talk processes, BPMN or something else where we could bring value!



Hi guys!

I’m Deniz from Germany, former developer. Since a few years I’m working as a Scrum Master / Agile Coach. I mainly use Miro for facilitating remote workshops and for myself, creating ideaboards and generally being creative. I love Miro :)

Looking forward for cool topics and conversations here!

Best, Deniz <3

Hello! I run an academic lab and have been trying out a few diagramming apps that the entire team can use to collaborate on, Miro of course, but also Figma/Figjam, LucidChart and so on.

I’m definitely seeing some limitations though, coming from Illustrator. 

  1. The grid snapping experience is not productive. It’s more like a weak snap. When making shape adjustments (sizing, etc.) and you’re close to the grid, you can snap to it but if you’re outside some threshold, it is possible to adjust an edge so that it sits in between the grid. I want to snap to the grid all the time (when snapping is enabled).
  2. Lines/connectors don’t seem to follow the grid snapping behavior at all. What’s happening here?
  3. Can’t seem to adjust corner rounding in shapes and corners of lines.
  4. One of the biggest draws for me was the use case for circuit diagrams here:
    But I can’t find any circuit libraries or anything of the sort. Tried searching for people asking about this, seems I might be the only one. Is there some template out there or library that does circuits?
  5. In short, Miro seems great when I want to make straight forward flowchart or diagram. But when I need to do some vector style drawing, it seems to fall short. I’d be happy to be proven wrong though!


Hey all,

I'm a psychiatric-mental health nurse interested in applying systems thinking to developing safe communities. Anyone with a similar interest?

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My name is Wendy Tadokoro, and I'm from Brisbane, Australia. I own and run Organising Works; we help businesses to create, organise and share processes, procedures and training. In addition, we build amazing interactive online custom playbooks that centralise company information in one easy-to-manage location.

Just started using Miro with our clients and looking forward to more interactive meetings. 

I'm looking forward to learning from the community and sharing my experiences.

Welcome Wendy!!

Hi there, I’m Stefano, academic researcher. My work focuses on human-computer interaction through audio and haptic feedback.
I’ve just started using Miro to support my next project proposal.

Hello community members, nice to "meet” you. I'm currently an RTE working in the Netherlands. I worked with Miro as facilitator a lot. Like how you can enable collaboration in online meetings. Now trying to master the Azure links and widgets.

Kind regards


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Hi everyone,

I’m a software engineer from ServiceRocket based in Malaysia 🇲🇾, as my team is mainly remote, we use Miro in various group discussions, e.g. sprint retrospective, idea brainstorming during internal hack weeks, etc. Outside of work, I do also occasionally use Miro for personal mind mapping because I find it challenging to craft a space for physical whiteboards.

Thrilled to explore the Miro platform and joining the community behind it, I’ve actually already read quite a number of interesting posts before posting here, definitely hope to learn more and I’ll try my best to be a good contributing member. 🙂


My name is Lisa Revelli and I live in Northern California - 20 minutes North over the Golden Gate Bridge.

I have been in Visual Design for over 20 years in film (SonyImage Works, Pixar), game (Stormfront Studios), and web industries. I recently (5 years ago) got into User Experience Design and User Research after graduating from Cornell’s Human Computing Interface program. I have worked at Duke Energy as a UX/UI Designer. I am currently working on an AI project.

I fell in love with MIRO at Duke Energy. Its such a great tool for a designer like myself.

I look forward to sharing and learning from everyone in this Miro community!

Lisa R. 

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Greetings, programs! (Like this post if you get the reference.)

My name is Rob Johnson. I’m from Kingston, Ontario and moved to Regina, Saskatchewan in 2008 where I am currently working as a business systems analyst on an IT solutions delivery team for a large Canadian insurance company.

I first discovered Miro when it was RealtimeBoard in March 2018 while searching for a tool to create process flow diagrams; a tool that would give me more space to work with than Visio. With a background in web development, I immediately fell in love with RtB/Miro as it just seemed to do whatever I wanted it to do. And if if something is missing, I know it is only a matter of time before the feature pops up. After years of using Miro, I enjoy giving back and answering questions on this community forum, not to mention learning something new myself every time I do.

When I’m not working or contributing to the Miro Community forum, you can find me cycling, running, playing guitar, taking pictures of the cats, making bar soap, or travelling as far as I can during these pandemic times.

Stay safe!

Rob (& Gracie)


Not sure that cat is quiet as keen on the snuggles as you are!

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@Jörg Goth :

Willkommen aus Düsseldorf nach Düsseldorf - komme doch in unsere Deutsche Gruppe

- würde mich freuen, Sie/Dich auch auf dem Rhein Ruhr Event zu sehen:


Viele Grüße

Michael Landers

Looking forward to becoming part of the Miro community.   Our team uses Miro for our Agile retrospectives and I am constantly introducing ways we can use Miro to plan our work.   Each time I suggest something, I am subject to strong resistance.  Then when we try it, they love it.   I use if personally for planning my outside of work activities and brainstorming my goals.  Love the mind map and ability to create flow charts.

I am a failed retiree Project Manager / Scrum Master / Product Owner.  Back to work full time since I retired in 2015. Enjoying Miro Academy and learning more about Miro. 

Nah, you don’t fail at retiring! You just find something new! 

Hi everyone!

Tuning in from Manchester, UK (Yes, it’s currently raining).

I’ve been a Miro user for internal projects for some time now, but more recently we’ve been using Miro with our clients and often blowing their minds :)

We are in the sustainability sphere, creating tools and comms for businesses to gather important emissions data along with engaging and embedding their workforce in the process.

We’ll be digging deeper into what we can do with Miro and our clients in terms of creative collaboration. I’ll be posting in the inspiration forum shortly, looking for examples of boards that invite large participation/interaction.

That’s enough from me.

Cheers all!




Hello there

My name is William, i have recently joined E.On in Germany, as a Data Architect, I will use Miro to share and spread ideas. 

just lost access to all my old boards though as they removed the “.external” from my email… :-(

if you have any ideas on how to get it (access) back, please let me know. 

Hello, I'm Nati from Buenos Aires, Argentina (proud World Champions 😉). I currently serve as a Scrum Master at a bank, a role I transitioned into six months ago. Prior to this, I spent seven years as a Functional Analyst/BA. I'm thrilled with this new opportunity and eager to absorb as much knowledge as I can! 😚

Outside of work, I'm passionate about traveling, immersing myself in nature, and scaling mountains. I'm also deeply committed to staying abreast of new technologies and continuously expanding my skill set.


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@Patrizia K :

Willkommen in der Miro-Community - es gibt hier auch eine Deutsche Gruppe:

Einfach mal reinschauen:


My name is David.  I teach math at a community college in Oregon.

I am transitioning from Jamboards.  I have lots of amazing, interactive math lesson Jamboards.  You can see most of those here.


I really hope that the promised Jamboard → Miro import tool will function well.  I often use layered images in fancy was so students can uncover, sort, etc.  It would be a huge disappointment to have to rebuild my Jamboards!

I’ve been using Miro for a few months now and it works okay.  I really need the ability to type exponents (superscripts) and a laser pointer tool.

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@Annette Behrendt :

Ich kann mich hier nur wiederholen:

Willkommen in der Miro-Community - es gibt hier auch eine Deutsche Gruppe:

Einfach mal reinschauen:


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