I would like to learn how to use Miro as a project planning tool

  • 14 February 2022
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Instead of these webinars, where it is strange to ask questions when you have set a tight plan. I would like to just go into Vimeo or Youtube and see how to do and get working. Or you could make interactive classes inside Miro as you do in the beginning.

I would like to learn how to use Miro as a project planning tool. Inside a Scrum environment, or a Lean project framwork. I guess your projectleaders, developers already work with Scrum and Agile so it should be an easy one to teach newbees.

Also weekly meetings and calendar integration would be nice to know more about, to get right into the best way to work with Miro and make it a productive tool that can help gaining profit and make the buisness thrive… 

8 replies

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Yep, great idea! I do project planning, sprint planning, etc., all the time, using Miro. Want to join me at my next office hour for a chat? https://kasperowski.com/event/office-hours-with-richard-kasperowski-feb-16-2022/

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@Lars09 I do coaching for project managers - lots of lean projects - and have some great templates to get you started.  I’m available for a chat as well.  https://arrangr.com/i/X4F2zxTa2 I’d enjoy hearing more about your project! 


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@Lars09 -

Tons of ways to use Miro to support predictive, adaptive or hybrid delivery including:

  • Capturing and updating working agreements
  • Product canvases
  • Personas
  • Story maps
  • WBSs
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Stakeholder Influence/Interest charts
  • Risk Probability/Impact charts
  • Work boards
  • Brainstorming/brainwriting/affinity grouping/dot voting for decision making
  • Estimating poker
  • Gazillions of retrospective templates

And the list goes on and on…



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I coach a bunch of development squads who all use Miro for their sprint planning (linked up with JIRA). At the portfolio level, we also year Miro extensively for Big Room Planning. The exec level love Miro as it lets them visualise The Plan very quickly and simply.


Happy to chat further.

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Hi @Lars09 ! Great question! 


In addition to all the great responses, I would recommend checking out our Community Templates in Miroverse. Here are a few good examples: 

Hope this is helpful!

@Kiron Bondale Thanks, great list! Are these standard templates Miro or your own developments?


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@Ruslan Antipov -

I teach courses in PM, and most of these are frames within my boards for an overall agile or predictive PM course.

Specifically for retrospective templates, you can check out @Chris Stone’s work - he has published tons of themed templates for conducting retros…


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Thanks so much @Lars09 !  There’s some great material in these posts that are going to be inspiration for upcoming PM events - perhaps a showcase, AMA, demo or expert profile?!? 

We’ll also make sure to find a way for folks to get the content async as well to consume at your leisure or more likely 1.5 speed!  :grin: