How I adapted my approach to remote workshops

  • 5 March 2021
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As an Agile Coach I used to work with clients in-person - I love that ❤️

Conducting a remote workshop isn’t just the same - nor should it be. Both formats have their benefits and disadvantages, but as a facilitator I can’t just do the same in a remote setting what I used to do in-person by using a digital whiteboard. 

I reflected upon this little dilema in a recent article of mine. As a facilitator of a remote workshop I have to think about much more deliberatly then for an in-person workshop. I have to create and set the stage perfectly so that my audience isn’t drifting off. 

➡️ Here you find my article: The missing 10 minutes before a remote workshop ⬅️

❓I would love to know, what do you do differently when preparing a remote workshop compared to an in-person workshop? And what do you think about the tips I layed out in my article?

⬇️Below you can find an example that I explain in the article how I try to set the stage even before the actual workshop has started.

2 replies

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@Vincent Schnor -

Tool orientation and onboarding is more crucial with live virtual events than it is with in person ones so it might make sense to have a separate pre-workshop short session to ensure everyone is able to access the necessary tools and is comfortable using them. 

You also might need to plan for 90% of the content you’d cover in an in-person session as you’d want to give more frequent breaks to give folks a chance to stretch their legs and take a “breath”.


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Hi @Vincent Schnor ! Thanks for sharing!