Creating a detailed Venture Map (Strategy, Marketing, Funnel, fulfillment)

  • 23 July 2021
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Hi everyone, 


I am a U.S. Marine Veteran and have been working on a passion project in Miro for a while and would like to share it with the community for feedback. In the tactical components of the military we use a tool called a terrain model (see image 1). These terrain models provide the organization’s leadership and team members with a depiction of an operational environment. Moreover, these terrain models allow for “strategic overlays” where we can visually demonstrate our plan to ensure everyone is on the same page. This is a tool that has been used, to great success, for many years in the military because of its undeniable effectiveness. 


While working to take my personal training business online, I became frustrated with how siloed and fragmented the software space was. It seemed like I was only able to a view a single piece of the map at one time. I wanted the ability to see the entirety of my business in one place. So I searched far and wide for this type of solution. Although I discovered brilliant frameworks from the fields like Service Blueprints, Business Architecture, Funnel Design, and Customer Journey Mapping, I never found exactly what I was actually looking for… A “business terrain model”. 


Together with an associate, I began to work on what is now called The Venture Map. 


Showing the venture map is much better than explaining it, I shot a quick loom video to provide further insight:

My questions to the community are, has anyone else out there been successful at mapping out the entirety of their business/organization without the board devolving into chaos? What axis did you use to frame out the order of operations for your map? 


I’d love to connect with other Miro Community members who feel passionate about this kind of work as well! Please let me know you’re out there! 




Logan Skees


5 replies

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@Logan Skees 

Brilliant work putting together all that you demo in the video!  

I’d love to connect - as I’m a total nerd for exactly this stuff.


Clearly the too-popular ‘business model canvas’ is too high level and lacking operational / process detail. 


You may find this Scandanavian enterprise architecture model and methodology rich with inspiration. Its called Milky Way Enterprise Mapping.  It really picks up where the biz model canvas leaves off, and is an elegant marriage of customer journey mapping/product value stream, IT systems/information architecture, strategy and operations visualization. Its also a keen synthesis of Lean, Zachman, TOGAF, and User-Centered Design (amongst other things). In short - its designed to show you  ~‘the whole business’, in one map.

Some Milky Way links here: 

Our company partnered with the developers of the Milky Way methodology this spring to build a Miro+Airtable app to support the enterprise architecture mapping. Its now in Preview Release. More on that app here.  




A couple of other frameworks, ontologies, methodologies, resources related to operations/process mapping you may want to look into - if you haven’t already . . .  


IMHO, Many of these older and engineer-driven frameworks, need a modernizing UI/UX/graphic designer to sweep through and level-up the usability, legibility, and desirability -- but, despite their age, they contain immortal gems of wisdom.

Let’s keep the conversation and exploration going! :) 

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@Max Harper 

Thank you!!


What awesome insights!! I appreciate your response, those resources are very exciting. 
Let’s connect and keep the conversation going! 

I’ll reach out directly on LinkedIn!


Talk soon,



That is really helpful recommendation and info. Thanks!

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Really love your Loom walkthrough, @Logan Skees!

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Hi everyone, thank you all very much for the replies to my original post 6 months ago! Wow, time flies! 


I just recorded a quick ‘update’ video to share a little more insight into how the Venture Map has evolved since the last video. If you’d like to start your own Venture Map, you can do so for free through our new Miroverse template! Free Venture Map Template