Best practice to get correct text size for printing

  • 9 February 2021
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I use Miro quite a lot to make pdf’s for presentations, whenever I need something quick and not too fancy. It is so much quicker than e.g. indesign and allows me to work collaboratively. No more sending presentation-final2-finalfinal.pdf back and forth.

The textsize in miro, when creating a A4 frame, seem to be set for some very different dpi than a usual text-editor. Font size 12 from google doc’s equal roughly font size 67 in Miro. This is a bit confusing when working with the intent to print. 

For now, I made this guide for myself to stay with roughly the right size. I wonder if there’s a secret trick to this somehow? If not, maybe a toggle for intent-to-print, or setting dpi or something could be a solution?

(In general, I think Miro carries some potential as a simpler and more accessible alternative to traditional pdf-making tools. Some more traditional text editing tools would help with this, justified paragraphs etc.)


2 replies

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Hi @Jakob ,

I used years ago XARA - They now have an onlineversion that offers what you need and can be used for colloborate working.

It’s fun using it:


I have the exact same issue. Is there no solution to this? Can’t Miro set the dimensions similar to Google Docs or Word when it comes to font size related to A4?