Art challenge! What’s the most creative artwork you’ve made with Miro?

  • 12 August 2021
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Art challenge! What’s the most creative artwork you’ve made with Miro?

I know we have the most creative community here :smile:

@Kiron Bondale started a similar thread a year ago, and it was so cool to see the amazing artworks and get inspired! I want to revive this challenge, so please share screenshots of your coolest artwork made natively with Miro (pen drawings, sticky note art, shapes geometry, etc).

For inspiration, visit this thread :heart_eyes:


 :gift::gift::gift:  I will check this post again on Sept 28 - a submission which will have the most number of likes will get some Miro Swag!


12 replies

Wanted to tag @Sam Shennan @Luiz Nascimento @Tomas Leidl @Rasmus Haas @Peter Green @mlanders @Max Harper @Jean Bultingaire @Nina Torr @Patty Dowdy 

Maybe you already have something new to share with us? :blush:

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I don’t remember if I shared this on the last thread, but I was showing Miro to my young daughter who was in a full on My Little Pony phase. I drew her favorite pony, Pinky Pie, with the pen tool:


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Oh, sure enough, I DID share that illustration on the last thread, sorry for the repost! I think the thing I’m most excited about these days is developing a consistent visual language to facilitate what we’re up to, like these examples:

Learning Miro

Learning a Process

Collaborating on Change

In one of our workshops, we have teams learn by practicing an Agile approach by building a storybook in agile teams. So they do the cool artwork:


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Thank you for tagging me here today. I took the invitation as a prompt. . . to stop coding and process diagramming in the August heat -- and go make some art!  It was a refreshing diversion. :)

Dedicating this piece to my newly-found Miro tribe- sharing visions with you this past year has been inspiriting!  @Anthony Roux  @Jonathan White @Robert Johnson @Rachel @Farbod Saraf @Alexis Luscutoff @Colleen Curtis @Thomas Larsson @Igor Madzura @Sean C @Boris Borodyansky @Benjamin Atkinson @Isman Tanuri @Michelle Pentz @Marina @Sultan @Terrence Caldwell @Scott Stephens  @mlanders 

Optical Nervous System

Miro boards are the vertebrae of the universe. 




best viewed while listening to drum and bass :rofl:

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Oh, this is so much fun--I’ve loved seeing everyone else’s work! Mine is a case study of a business decision loosely using the integrative thinking approach. It’s near impossible to catch it all with one screenshot, so I included a couple as well as a link to the board--zooming in is key to really see some of the elements. Not entirely native, but an accurate reflection on how I use Miro in my work.

@Peter Green haha yes, I remember this Pinky Pie :smile:


The board you showed is just HUGE! Like an encyclopedia on the board.

Would love to learn more about this use case, so I’ll reach out in DM :wink:

@Max Harper happy to hear you took this chance to switch the context and refresh :sunny:


Miro boards are the vertebrae of the universe

Sounds amazing!

@Patty Dowdy thank you for sharing it! Looks cool :heart_eyes:

I love that there are these drawings complementing the stickies and other objects. It’s a great way to add emphasis.


I’ll also reach out in DM and suggest something :raised_hands_tone2:

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Amazing posts!


@Max Harper love the optical nervous system! Didn’t know you’re good at making art too 🙌

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@Max Harper : Totally breathtaking … great!!!

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The following board shows less art than word/picture/symbol combinations for a class that I forwarded to them as PDF after I finished the day:

One of my last classes sessions I did with prospective educators:


Again - I worked here with:

  • A prepared frame 
  • Sticky-Note on top
  • Unsplash-picture
  • a Shape obove the picture (80% opacity)
    for brighten up the picture
    to make the stickies more readable


  • Sticky-notes (in Bulk-Mode during the lecture)
  • Tags
  • Clusterizer (Thanks again to you @Max Harper for programming this fantastic tool!!!)
  • Iconfinder-symbols
  • Shapes

In this combination I work really often during my seminars


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A theme based miro-board I did for a client after a coaching session: