Any uses cases for note-taking?

  • 21 October 2020
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any uses cases  for note-taking? examples links etc

thought this would be good for note-taking

or any whiteboarding type app


but it’s actually really bad

cos there’s no screen real estate

you would need a digital whiteboard that takes up the entire wall

then it’ll be useful. until then i dont see how this could be good for note-taking


any best examples of uses cases  for note-taking? examples links etc

2 replies

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“there’s no screen real estate”?!?

I’d say it’s the opposite issue - there’s TOO much real estate…

There are many ways you can do note taking in Miro - the simplest is just with a single text box. You can then get progressively more elaborate by using grids and frames.


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@test :




What exactly are you looking for?