1-hour Miro Walkthrough Tutorial

  • 23 December 2020
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Hi, Miro Community. I created a 1-hour video tutorial of (almost) all Miro features and functions. Each specific function is time stamped in the Youtube video description. The video covers with navigating, then left side menu functions, onto tips for sharing boards with others, and finally the bottom left menu’s presenting and facilitating options.  

I hope it helps new users as well as experienced users who might see something they’ve never used. The video is public and sharing is welcome.



9 replies

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This is a seriously epic tutorial. Love the time stamps. 

Wooow! :heart_eyes:

Amazing, thank you for sharing, @Robert Kienzle! It should be really helpful for our newbies.

Do you already use this tutorial with your collaborators? 

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Thanks for the feedback, Joshua and Marina.  Marina, I haven’t used this brand new tutorial with my clients or collaborators yet. I have used shorter tutorials using a similar guided method. Most of my collaborators are in live workshops, so getting them the basics of navigating, adding content, and editing/moving elements is the goal. I often make personalized videos that feature pre-workshop Miro tasks. For example, if participants will add a profile picture and answer some intro questions on stickies, I greet them in the video and then show them exactly what to do on the Miro board. 

I foresee the new hour-long video being used in 2 ways:
1. For people who want to sit down and really learn Miro for the long term
2. Using the time-stamped sharing method to show people exactly what they need.  Even during a live workshop, having them watch 2 minutes of the tutorial will be faster than me showing them live. It will also save me from going to many of my shorter tutorials and finding the right URL.

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@Robert Kienzle - Great video! I picked myself up a couple of tidbits along the way!

The issue you were experiencing with the lasso tool was curious to me, so I created your objects and found there is a bug and have reported it to the support team. It seems that as soon as there is a large arrow type connection line, it is always included in the selected objects. Here it is in action:


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Good to see the cause was located!  Thanks!

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Thanks Robert, great tutorial!

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Cheers, Peter!

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@Robert Kienzle  - I just received notification from support that the “lasso tool always including the large arrow connection line” bug has been fixed:


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Thank you, another Robert!