User story mapping

We’ve started utilizing the “User story mapping” template across many of my squads. However as we are refining, doing working and it eventually becomes done we see a lot of clutter. We utilize the JIRA integration as we use that for daily updates etc.


Would it be possible to add a feature so that things which are “done” will be hidden after x-amount of days or can be filtered out or can be collapsed.


It’s really nice to have all of it in 1 view for communicating progress with stakeholders. But with too many stories visible at the same time it becomes noisy.

Having the ability to hide done releases/sprints would be amazing

While I understand this can turn tricky if you literally have hundreds of stories in your map, with many of them done, but part of Patton’s idea, in addition to better support conversations about what the product does, was to be able to use the map to also show progress.




That’s exactly the issue. So when we make the initial story map then things are in big chunks, but as they get refined for a specific Sprint we start breaking it down into items of about a day or so - this works rather fine but it also means we have a lot of items visible, in the 100’s.


When planning it’s annoying for the team to look at things that were completed, but you are right that for stakeholders it’s nice to show progress.


If a filter was added that allows to hide things where ‘status = done’ in Jira or Miro, then it being a filter you could just toggle it on/off and cater for both needs.

I believe Jeff Patton’s idea with the story maps - which btw was the hardest for me to grasp - is that there really is no rules.

Map just the part of product or feature you need to, no need to always map the entire product.

..and derived from that…

Once you’re done with the story map, it has run it’s course - you’ve completed hundreds of features, just discard it. Or save a copy. And start a new one.