template organization for custom templates

We save many of the buidling blocks we used for a workshop or a retrospective to a template shared with the team for future use. The hope is to re-use them later to accelerate our meeting preperation. Right now, they all get saved to one place without the possibility to structure it (e.g. via folders or tags).

It would be great to have a chance to structure them, otherwise in a year we wont use our custom templates because we can’t find them anymore. 

possible scenario: I’m looking for a “Check In” building block for a retrospective and am able to filter for alle Check In templates I ever saved. All other templates (e.g. for “Gather Data”, “Decide What to Do”) aren’t visible anymore so my search for the right template is accelerated.

We have the same situation with our custom templates. It would be great if we could define categories or tags that can be assigned to templates.

Same here.  We want to enable our entire organization with our custom, branded templates, but we are unable to tag, or categorize them.  This would be huge for us. 

We are implementing Miro for our organization and I ran into the same difficulty. We have hundreds of templates that we physically use that we want to use in Miro, but there are no resources to organize according to our architecture.

Hi @LinaEckardt & @Karo & @Lucas Blondheim & @Thiago Lima & @hodf@si :

Is this what is needed:

This is what I need - It would be great if we could have something like this.


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This is really basic missing functionality that would be ridiculously helpful for our teams workflows.


The team at Miro obviously know if’s helpful to organise templates by category… just look at their ‘Use Case’ categories.