Talktrack: Notification when new Talktrack recorded

Scenario: I recorded a Talktrack on a board of which I am the Owner, and then sent a link to the Talktrack to someone who is a Guest on the board. They watched the Talktrack and then recorded a Talktrack in response (at my request). Five days later, as I was going to follow up with then, I opened the board to watch my own Talktrack and that is when I noticed they had recorded a Talktrack. Assumptions were made on both sides: Mine was that they would have told me they recorded a Talktrack and theirs was that I would have been notified.

Please solve the problem of users having to correspond outside of the Miro board to let other interested users know there is a new Talktrack recording on a board.

A few options:

  • Board owner is automatically notified of a new Talktrack recording.
  • New Talktracks are treated the same as any other new board content, giving everyone the opportunity to be made aware of the content.

Hi @Robert Johnson ! 

Thank you so much for your feedback 👍

I am happy to share that our team is working on this very functionality right now, its also great to get this confirmation that it is very much needed. 😄


Ι had exactly the same problem. I am used of getting notified via slack. Since I get notifications for comments I was sure that smth similar would happen with talktrack as well. Unfortunately it didn t happen and we lost some time. At the moment when I record a talktrack i also send a manual notification via slack at stakeholders. But this kind of notification is tiring and unreliable.