Tabs like excel

If would be great if there were tabs that we could use similar to excel instead of going to a different board all toghther.

Randy -

Can you provide more details of the benefits of this following the Wish List guidelines here: Wish List: Everything You Need to Know 🌠 | Miro?

If you are accessing Miro via a web browser, opening multiple boards in different tabs would effectively given you the same capability as what you are asking for. I routinely have anywhere from 2-6 boards open in Google Chrome when running my workshops with different boards being used by different groups within the same workshop.


I wanted to propose the same idea, but luckily I’ve used search option first. Well, in my opinion the feature and its benefits is pretty self explanatory - grouping several tabs/boards into one miro-link gives a lot in terms of:

  • grouping different views/aspect together
  • splitting complex diagrams into sub-boards
  • ease of access management
  • collaboration efficiency (duplicate tab, hide tab, protect tab)

Excel or even better Google Sheets is great example how it could work. Upvoting ;) 



The benefits are self explanatory, but is also detailed above.  What is the timeline to create tabs, similar to Visio or Excel?

Or Lucidcharts...

Having tabs available would be a godsend. The “infinite canvas” makes it quite easy to get lost in the document while searching for something. 

Helloo just to provide a concrete use case: 

I am facilitating an in-depth strategy meeting that includes determining vision, highlighting strategic intents, distilling objectives, brainstorming solutions to objectives, and making bets on specific solutions.


I want to have one Miro “board” that contains visuals and collaboration areas for each of these tasks. I want a tab for vision, a tab for strategic intents, and so on, so that I can keep the tasks separate, but they are still related by being a part of the same file. If I have to create separate boards, I (and all my stakeholders) must keep track of multiple URLS to access the same strategy content. Lots of friction. 


Thank you!

Pushing on this one as well - it is starting to push our userbase to lucid charts instead.