Simple Table Calculations

It would be great to add tables for simple calculations. We do not need a complete excel, but to be able to have tables that allow adding, subtracting, multiplying ... It would greatly expand the application possibilities!

Would LOVE simple table functionality in Miro.

I’m working on an interactive boardgame as a staff engagement tool. We can do almost everything in Miro (or integrated with Typeform) except keep score of how many points that players would have.

Tried linking Google docs but all players need to fully refresh the board to see updates. Live updates would solve the problem.

Anyone have any crazy suggestions for me to try? :)

Actually: Why not full Excel? Miro does work with a lot of apps including MS Teams. So why not have Excel sheets in Miro?

Better yet: Improve the Miro App MS Teams so that you can access & edit the files there, from Miro.

Or at least display MS Teams files, updated and edited from MS Teams.