Show/Hide Groups

Often times I'm using Miro to map complex systems and interactions. This usually requires one or more sets of arrows and objects that can tend to get in the way of each other if viewed all at once. Commonly, when I am displaying this to an audience, it's more helpful to display one aspect of the system at a time, gradually revealing more and more complexity.

In other tools like Keynote, this is done by clicking an action button or clicking anywhere, and setting an order of reveal. I don't think this paradigm of layers is necessary, though.

I loved to know that too.

Yes similarly for me I’d love to click a button and have items show, then I could present things more clearly and gradually reveal extras. Like with process maps, I have thought bubbles around it showing pain points - but when you look at the diagram with everything shown it looks a mess, but I could reveal them later.

Until this feature is available, I considered how to achieve this with a workaround and managed to do so by layering objects in between an overlay shape and then deleting it to reveal the next set of objects. You can then undo to hide it again. Here’s a demonstration:

Show and hide groups of objects in Miro 


@Chris Lozeau I love this solution. Obviously it would be nicer to have a more advanced functionality for this in Miro, but this is a good workaround. Thanks for sharing!