Searchable in embed iframe


I would like to put board in an iframe on my website and use the board frames as a knowledge base. There is no search option by phrases or tags, so can you add this feature on?



Hey Lukas,


Could you please elaborate on your request? There is the search feature on your screenshot, and you can search by tags and words. Why doesn't it work for you?




Right now, when I embed the board, there is no search toolbar, this is only my visualization. I created this screenshot, to show you, how I feel it should work.

I got it @Lukas. Can you please describe your use case? What is the purpose of this knowledge base?

For example, we have a private company website that only employees can log in to. We could put a knowledge base board in it and let employees use it. Currently, not every employee has access to MIRO, because there is no such need and using the pdf presentation will be more convenient than showing the entire board.

If this works, in the future we can use this function also for our customers and provide a knowledge base to them.

Thanks @Lukas! May I ask a couple of additional questions?


What types of services do you provide for your customers? How do you share the knowledge base with them now?

I am running a wholesale online store, now we have only FAQ on the website, but without search tool. But more important things is that when we hire new person, there is a lot of knowledge to study. So the knowledge base was crated on the and I am looking the possibility to embed it on our website.

I also sent development proposals that were closely related to each other:



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