REST-API: Creating Board with edit on sharingPolicy.access

When sharing an existing board I can choose “Edit” for anyone with a link, even though it’s marked as beta:


Unfortunately this feature is missing on the REST-API when creating (or editing) a board:


My wish is that the REST-API allows the value “edit” on sharingPolicy.access while creating/editing a board.

Agreed - this is breaking a workflow I want to create which will automatically share boards for me.  Currently I have to go in and manually change the sharing permissions for each board.

That would be cool, now we create a board via API and then still have to go to Miro to change the sharing permissions. 

@MarkT have you got any workaround?

@Philipp Mirow - my not-a-workaround is:

  1. Go to dashboard
  2. Hold ctrl and click to open tabs for each of the boards I want to share
  3. Go to the first tab and click share in top right
  4. Use Ctrl-Tab shortcut to move to next tab and press share button, repeat x 50 boards.
  5. Go to first tab and paste in emails.
  6. Use Ctrl-Tab shortcut to move to next tab and paste emails, repeat x 50 boards.
  7. Go to first tab and click “Send Invitations” and then “Add to Board”.
  8. Use Ctrl-Tab shortcut to move to next tab, do the same and repeat x 50 boards.
  9. Do this twice a week for the events we are running.
  10. Remember that I also have to duplicate boards one at a time from our template for each event also, twice a week, for 50 boards, because there is no batch processing in the interface.
  11. Resist urge to sob uncontrollably.

At some point, I will get enough time away from creating boards and sharing manually to script something in Puppeteer to do this automatically, but it would be way better if the functionality was incorporated into Miro..

@MarkT haha thanks for your quick response. Have you tried contacting the Miro support directly? :D 

I did but it was about 10 months ago now, so perhaps worth another nudge.  Support in general seems very friendly and with a desire to help, but I’m just not convinced either of my two requirements are high on their priority list.

perhaps now there is such an opportunity?

Has anyone managed to make a board public via API yet?

Edit: Got it working by setting both access and teamAccess to “edit”

I just opened a support ticket requesting this and they told me to post here. So I’m adding my vote for this here.