Remember Connection Line preferences (type, thickness, color, arrowhead)

I am tired of setting my connection line preferences for every session, on every board.

Sure, if I already had a connection line on the board when I come for another session, I can select it and then all subsequently created lines will inherit the last selected line's properties, but I don't always have a connection line on the board.

If not storing them at the user profile level, at least store them in a cookie, PLEASE.


In the meantime you could try to make a template with several objects, formatted as you want them.

Then copy those object into new boards. I'm not sure if it will take those as defaults for that board tho. But it's worth a try?

I would like the default for the line to be straight.  Is there a way to set that as my default?  I agree tired of repeatedly changes things would be get to have personal defaults that I use all the time.  Love Miro but some of the actions are repetitive and time consuming

I can’t upvote this enough times. I have a strong preference for curvy vs angular lines. I like to scale my boards to the default sticky sizes. I like to use dark backgrounds with light lines/shapes. I wish I could set new defaults, but I also just wish that after I had changed them for a board the board would remember what I wanted on that board. It seems to do this within a session (or is it a frame?) and then forget again. 

hey @Miro Community Team would you please provide some insight about this (and all the other requests related to the ability to set defaults (shapes, sizes, colors...)? 

There is a workaround here:


Can I apply one style to all connection lines on my board?
- Yes, use the following workaround: select a line, click three dots on the context menu, and copy a style of the line. Then select all objects on the board (you can use a shortcut Ctrl + A (for Windows) or Cmd + A (for Mac), filter connection lines, and choose Paste style under the three dots of the context menu.