Raise Hand and other instant reaction icons for live workshop events

LIke many others here, I am primarily using Miro as a tool for running live online workshops with Zoom.

In order to indicate that they would like a turn to speak up, my participants must take their attention away from Miro, go back to Zoom, and find the Zoom Participant list to click the “Raise Hand” icon. This is way too many steps! it is already difficult to get natural live participation in a workshop without requiring several extra steps just to speak up.

My request is that workshop participants get a way to do instant reactions, right within Miro. We certainly need “Raise Hand” but it would also be great to have “Yes”, “No”, "Not sure”, “Applaud”, “Thumbs Up.”


@Alan Heckman -

great suggestion as the only workarounds I’ve used so far are having folks type in something in the Miro chat panel or have a virtual “talking stick” which users grab and move to an avatar of themselves on the board.


The workarounds we have are mentioning named users or the whole @board in the chat, or for anonymous guests who don't have access to that, in a comment. What users have generally resorted to is creating giant sticky notes to get our attention!

"Each month ideas with 30+ upvotes are reviewed by the Product team. Popular ideas that align with the Miro’s strategy and vision for the product may be added to the product backlog. " so we need to share this with colleagues to get it considered properly

I have come up with a different type of solution, that might address the same problem of non-verbal interaction:


Should it interest you, I would be glad with any votes :)

This is a crucial feature for live-events. I hope Miro takes initivative here and makes this feature a reality. Zoom’s hand-raise feature is buried in the participant menu and thus is rarely used. 


I like Pawel’s suggestion for emoji-reactions in a right-click menu, or perhaps in the toolbar with the sticky notes. I do see the right-click option being practice as that leaves their mouse in the center of the screen, but participants will be more familiar with using the toolbar to access things. 

Now at 29 votes so needs 1 more to get over th e 30 vote threashold for backlog discussion

apologies @Isman Tanuri @Jonathan White @andyvdg i randomly tagged you as you appear not to have upvoted this and are actively around and I thought might push it over th e edge :)

Very happy to oblige, @Simon.Harris. I'm not sure how this can be implemented with so many Guest/non-named users participating but it's not impossible!

Very happy to oblige, @Simon.Harris. I'm not sure how this can be implemented with so many Guest/non-named users participating but it's not impossible!

Thnx - and pleased to meet you :)

My thought would be to have a Status Marker at the top of the window “n-people raised a request” and maybe then make their icons stand out - EG a flag rather than circle and order them in FIFO of raising attention - 1st 3 visible rest stacked? Maybe a click by host notifies they’ve been asked to proceed to share?

It depends who you are facilitating for but for people who use Zoom regularly I usually will go down the route of asking them to enable their ALT+A shortcut globally in their Zoom settings. Then they can just hit that whenever they are in Miro to unmute themselves. Or even better - just have everyone unmuted all the time - makes it far more interactive.

Most of our sessions are full of anonymous participants so a visual indicator would just tell me that someone wants to say something but not who… and then they’d have to go back to Zoom and unmute themselves anyway.

As for a quick Thumbs up / Thumbs sideways / Thumbs down - now that would be useful to just get a quick answer from everyone to a question. 

Hi @andyvdg 

Agreed on the who… agree its best if everyone is unmutted all the time - Still too many corporate culture struggles for putting video on at all!!

Agree the set of hare-n-tortoise etc icons would be nice

My quest would be to use the video on the board and NOT use a tool like zoom at all - but we are not yet seeing that capability w/ industrial strength 

I don’t see the anonymouse participant as an issue - unless you want to filter on “who asked” - If I’m facilitating and 5 people raise a hand and I get a set of icons at the top of the window such that I click on the first id and that acknowledges Walrus or Goblin to be ‘given the go-ahead’ - that seems to be a path that works 🙂? - If I want to avoid maty and give Jane first voice then I agree anonymous is a concern

@Simon.Harris @Isman Tanuri @andyvdg your conversation has helped me realise that this idea will be MUCH more useful if it is implemented with @Sebastian Schreiner’s idea about allowing anonymous participants to rename themselves for the session, which you can vote on here:




I realise that we could be accused of intruding onto Miro’s profit model here with these requests to make things much better for non-registered participants, but I think we have a strong argument: when we are running workshops for many thousands of new Miro-naive participants every year we are selling Miro! Making their experience as good as possible will go a long way to converting many of them into paying customers!

@Alan Heckman that is pretty true - we do end up being non-paid sales people for Miro :grin:

@Alan Heckman 

I agree that a session name and non-verbal communication tools are a single field of tool behaviour/ usecase/ feature development.

I think if miro are acting deliberately to subversively favour their profit model as you put it thats a bad sign - certainly one whose legitimacy is debatable - I have NOT adopted other tools because they require everyone I invite to sign-up and then are on the mailing list as a sales target - Those tools have LOST any further evaluation by me - I’m sure I’m not alone. Its a basic premise that my customers are NOT my supply-chain’s ‘property’ and erection of an entry barrier on someone else’s path when I want to invite people in my sales funnel is off-the-chart-unacceptable


2c :)

Hi! Constant interaction is an important part of remote learning. This feature would make it easier to be connected to a group and check on their learning. Thanks!

Hi @Alan Heckman @Kiron Bondale @Mat Rawsthorne @Pawel Owczarek @Julia Hoover @Simon.Harris @Isman Tanuri @andyvdg @Zahra Talan and everyone who upvoted this idea,

:tada::tada::tada:  Excited to share that we’ve implemented the Reactions feature! 

Please learn more in the post New reactions feature: show it, rather than say it 👍🔥❤️ and leave your feedback in that thread!