Private mode for contributors

As mentioned here:

I feel that Miro is missing a key feature for facilitating workshops. As a facilitator i'd like to enable users to enter their contributions privately (without showing the contents to the group) until the facilitator reveals all of them at once. (Private mode in mural and other tools). 

With the current way of working contributors are likely to be distracted and/or can be influenced by the input of others. In a retrospective it is key that participants can work on their input in a focused and non biased input.


Private editing is necessary in facilitation.  The ability to show/hide a frame is nice, but we should be able to have a private edit mode toggle.  This is critical to using virtual Liberating Structures.

As a meeting facilitator, I need for my participants to be able to capture their private thoughts in a spaced on a board without being influenced by what others are typing.

As a meeting facilitator, I need to create a safe space for my participants to be able to capture their private thoughts in a spaced on a board without being them worrying that others are reading their unedited thoughts before they are ready to share them.

There are tons of reasons, unbiased voting/polls, story pointing, etc..

We are piloting Miro in my org and this missing feature, which is necessary in facilitating, is available in Mural and not Miro.

Suggesting that someone open another, incognito window or that this not be provided natively in Miro is not a solution. 

If this feature is not being worked on, please let us know so that we can move on.

And What about enable or disable the “info” option in the different elements? Something so simple like “I want some anynymous elements so I have those ones without the chance to check that field”. Even they could be highlighted somehow e.g. sticky notes with a black dot in one corner...

Another voice for a private mode. I’d like to know who put what stickies where (I can context menu click and see the info), but for some exercises, we don’t want people to see who said what.

Please have the CX/UX team consider that use case plus the others mentioned here so that they can create the best features and executions based on the unmet needs. Thanks.

Hi @Kate Ivanova @Matt Mulholland,

I am surprised and sad that this feature request has not been developed yet. Your major competitor has this already and it is really helpful in sessions where you don't want people to influence eachother.

There are some workarounds like bulk mode, but if not everyone is using it people will be influencing each other again. 

I wonder if this is somewhere on the product roadmap?


Any updates on this? 
I believe this is definitely one of those features that is deeply needed especially when you provide so many templates like retrospectives and brainstorming, where you want people to be putting their sticky notes without being influenced by others’ sticky notes etc.

At work we wanted to try out and reduce the amount of apps were using and wanted to try using Miro as a retrospective tool, but after looking at the fact that you do not provide a way to hide and show sticky notes, makes this tool a lot more difficult to use and replace other retrospective tools we were using.

I know many people have mentioned about some “workarounds” but these are basically hacks, rather than actually solving the issue at hand which is to allow for people to add their sticky notes in whatever areas of the board, which in the case of retrospectives there could be various sections (mad, sad, glad, etc) and have the content of their sticky notes be private. Then when the time comes everyone unhides their sticky note contents and start discussing.

If other competitors have this and yet Miro who boast to be the #1 whiteboard solution, etc does not have this, then it does put a big red flag for people that might wanna use Miro for these collaboration situations.

As a facilitator, I'm missing this feature very much when facilitating meetings with low psychological safety.

I'm a bit surprised that such a key feature has not been implemented yet.

I really wonder when Miro will start listening to its users rather than adding bells and whistles...

I also really miss this feature. My company started using Miro, I was used to Mural. So far it works well, but I use private mode in every single retrospective I do online, and I really really really miss this feature. It helps so much in preventing group think!

I really need this feature to run workshops with our teams and our stakeholders. Please update us. Cheers!

All the YES’es!!!!


A powerful feature that helps with focus, original ideas, preventing bias, and protecting the introvert 💪

This missing feature is a nonstarter for me. I am considering both your platform and the other M platform to decide which I want to commit to. Ironically, I enjoy yours a lot more than the other M. But this feature is so fundamental to the act of facilitation, especially in a remote environment.


I am hoping you guys understand both the relevancy to your users, and the need to bring competitive differentiation that Mural currently enjoys to parity. (it’s working on me!)

lastly, to share feedback on the different hack workarounds that are suggested: these all reflect a product first, not a user first orientation. I’d liken it to inviting people over for lunch, and giving each two slices of bread, a pile of peanuts, a cutting board, and a hammer. And then asking them make their own peanut butter sandwiches. I don’t know if they would even do it in the first place, but even if they did, I don’t think they would come back for a second invitation to lunch. 

Adding my voice to the many, begging for private mode like it’s implemented in Mural. PLEASE PRIORITIZE! This is such an oversight that it’s not provided. Workshops are more difficult. Retrospectives are more difficult. Jumping through hoops to create workarounds and then teach people how to do those workarounds (which usually has a less than optimal result) are such a huge waste of time and bad user experience. Were I not forced to use Miro because of a company contract, I would choose Mural every day just. because. of this.


Hi there, 

I’m following up on my last post on this topic with a different, but related one: There are now ~178 votes for this feature.

Yet, I don’t think I have seen anyone from Miro respond to this request--not even to say “No way José!”


So that we don’t give up on this notion of community-informed product development, can you:

  1. Please just acknowledge you are receiving these requests
  2. Tell us just how many votes it will take before you will take action (And I would guess if you scoured all the variations of this request that must live across these boards, there would likely be 5x-10x total requests
  3. Ideally, help us understand why this is such a difficult request that you won’t take action or even acknowledge the continued interest
  4. Have a nice day.

I wouldn’t use Mural because of bad UX, but we use MetroRetro

There is a cool private mode. You see that other wrote sticky notes but you don’t see the text. If everyone is finished you can “show” the notes and everyone can read it.

I wish Miro gets this feature in near future! 💛🎉

Have a look to get an impression:

Also adding my vote to the topic. This private contribution (as it is in Mural, which I otherwise don’t like) feature is still and again, a critically needed feature!
Please add it on top of the list and let us know when it is usable. 

Miro? Will you tell us something on this? Thanks.

This feature is needed because the history shows who created and edited stickies. Our company policies prevent us from entering into incognito modes. We value transparency, yet sometimes in events like Retros, their needs to be additional psych safety.

I guess, unfortunately, two years forward this messagge, we continue without this feature (Private mode for contributors) :-(

It ‘s unbelievable that it is asked for 2 years now…  I tried twice to add it to the asked to roadmap  here  :    I don’t understand why it still doesn’t appears… Maybe a bug.

May somebody try to add a private mode edition ticket ?

Hello everyone,


We are actively working on building the Private Mode feature in Miro. In the first version, the feature will allow users to start a Private Mode, and any new sticky notes created/edited by any user from that point onwards until the mode is ended, would be hidden from others.


We are planning to start a beta program to test the feature with some users in January 2023.  I’ll share more details soon.




@Yogesh Sharma - Thanks for the update! Public updates like this have not been the norm here and are refreshing to see!

Since this post is related to individuals adding content, while not change other users content, I will share a link to my Wish List idea post for a new role of “Contributor” where this board-level user role would only allow participants to edit objects they created.

You can read more about (and upvote) it here → New board-level role: Contributor

We have some exciting news! Our team just opened up a waitlist to join our beta for Private Mode! If you’d like to learn more and join the waitlist, sign up here. As always, thank you for your feedback and helping us make Miro even better! 

Hey all! We just launched Private Mode:

Sing Halleluia ! 😁 it’s great !