Preserve text formatting when copy-pasting within the board (color, bold, italics)

Right now copy & paste of text within Miro destroys its formatting.

For example:

  1. Write in a Miro text box and add formatting (bold, italics, colour)
  2. Copy & paste the text into the same or another text box  

This is very annoying as I have to re-do the formatting every time I separate parts of or duplicate the text.

I propose that formatting is preserved when you copy and paste text within Miro.

I also need it to keep text bolt when I paste it from my word document that again was created by my citation management program. I need to be able to read a text once and summarize it ones and not three times. I want to collaborate on complicated research projects with my teams and we also need knowledge from literature. Sometimes we highligh in a text field the things that are important to us. So everyone can quickly scim read what the others have done and not having to read all texts all over.

@AlexK @David_Free The text formatting is now preserved. Colors do not copy over at this point as we believe that this can cause friction when copying text from external sources. 
Please test it out and share your feedback. 


Where did this feature go? Currently all copied text, that was format is now pasted unformated :-(

Is it possible to preserve the indentation as well?


Original text:

Line 1

  • Line 2
    • Line 3

Pasted text:

Line 1

Line 2

Line 3