Only show Board Owner cursor

When using miro in an online class enviorment, seeing everyone’s cursors on the board is distracting, but I would still need to see the Board Owner (the teacher)’s cursor as they use their cursor to point at what they’re currently talking about.

I would love to have the ability to show just the Board Owner’s cursor and hide the rest of the collaborators’ cursors.

If I’m understanding you correctly, that’s what this button at the top does.



Hope that helps.:grin:

Hide collaborators’ cursors hides the cursor of the Board Owner (the class professor) as well. So I would like to have the option just to see his cursor.

This is a MUST HAVE. I’m running a workshop with people for whom everyone’s cursors are distracting but they will need to see my cursor as I point things out on the board.

There should be a mechanism by which we can only display the cursor of the person we’re following. Perhaps add it as a dropdown option when clicking on someone’s avatar to follow them as well as a pop-up option on the “Following Joe Bloggs” notification that appears at the bottom of the screen when following someone (useful when you’ve been summoned as opposed to elected to follow someone yourself).

Essential in so many scenarios. A ‘hide my cursor from everyone else’ button would suffice. It’s the equivalent of the mute button on Zoom calls and is a no-brainer feature to add.

Mural does something that’s on the right track but not quite what we want here. You click on your initials and you get options to broadcast your cursor as well as all cursors. So if we could get something like that but include the facilitator’s cursor, that would be great. (I quite like not having my cursor broadcast in Mural, by the way, so that’s a lovely feature you may also consider adding. 😊 It’s nice to know people can’t see where I am and that I’m not contributing to the noise of all the other flying cursors for those who mind it.)


The issue I see with this, however, is that sometimes it’s not only the facilitator who is presenting something or pointing something out, especially during a collaboration session. They can bring you to them, but if you have all cursors turned off, you still can’t see what they’re pointing to. Perhaps additionally add a mechanism that only displays the cursor of the person being followed.