OCR (Text Recognition)

Wondering if the Miro team has given any thought to the idea of text recognition for .pdfs added to boards? The search feature of Miro, combined with OCR, would be amazing (assuming it is possible.) I’m able to search using text recognition in Google Drive and I get pretty great results. 

My use case would be: Searching street names on .pdf maps I have uploaded onto Miro Boards.

This would make miro to a great notetaking app. I work with several pdfs from teacher or from web, so it would be nice if you can search for words.

Is this feasible, Miro team? I also posted a wish list item for allowing “search within boards” for all paid plans. You can see what I’m interested in...

Isn’t this similar to what’s advertised here:



I can’t see how to use this OCR feature that’s advertised in stickyNOtes?

I’m still here trying to figure this one out. You can upload from the app OK, though the need to crop is a real slow down. 

But how to do it within app?

+1 for this.  I bring all documents for a project (word, powerpoint, pdf, etc...) into the one Miro board as an overviewand an OCR based search over everything would be brilliant  :-)

plz, make it happen. it would be so useful when searching in the text of PDFs


+1 for the suggestion

PDFExchange Editor is really nice on PC and allows OCR of PDFs.

Check out DEVONthink if you have a mac.

See this post for more details


This would be very useful even if it just allows you to copy the text within an image (or imported slide). For PDF slides this might not even require OCR