Obsidian-Miro Compatibility

I love the idea of networked notes, and the whole PKM philosophy. I think having the functionally of Obsidian’s system would be fantastic.  

Very keen for an integration / plugin - this would be fantastic. 

YES please. This would be fantastic!!!

To understand this request: Should Miro integrate Obsidian, or should Miro boards be treated like Obsidian documents?

The three things I like most about Obsidian are Zettelkasten, Mind Map, and Graph View.

Miro has Mind Map and the Clusterizer plugin shares some similarities to Graph View, but I would like to see a direct collaboration between the Obsidian and Miro development teams such that Miro gains enhanced Zettelkasten and Graph View functionality and Obsidian’s Canvas inherits rich functionality from Miro whiteboard.

I would very much like to export Miro Boards and Obsidian Canvases so they may be imported by one another. It would solve the problem of duplicated effort where I build knowledge in the context of my knowledge management tool, and I share them with a teams preferred collaboration tool.

Obsidian and Miro are tools focused in the interrelation of ideas and concepts, each of them from different approaches, but both in someway intersect. With Obsidian you start with notes and establishing interrelations between them by tagging, as Zettlekasten Method does. Once done, Obsidian offers you different graphics tools to analyse them in different ways. With Miro you directly establish it graphically and afterwards you can use the Cluster function to tag them. No tool is perfect, it seems that connecting both through a connector or plugin can become both better tools.

Certainly. We need a way to mirror Miro in Obsidian in real-time (not just embedding it). This would be the best solution for this problem.

If only I could link to an obsidian link from within a shape in miro.

Much of my “thinking out loud” is diagrammatical - perfect for Miro…

But some is written, and trying to join written thoughts together - perfect for Obsidian

But true richness would come if I could do both.

If I could choose a single use-case, it would be to be able to embed my very granular text based structured thinking, within a wider diagrammatical context i.e. embed Obsidian Canvas within Miro