Multiple Miro boards in another Miro board.

Enable linking and embedding of multiple Miro boards. They should be accessible like normal boards.  (No pop-up window etc.)
As numbers of boards grow this would be awesome for various organisational reasons.


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Hi @Michael Schade 

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This feature already exists!

You just have to follow the step below

<iframe src="[Miro board Link]"></iframe>

copy the whole code and paste it on the iframe code panel


Mh I know about that feature but it opens it in another window. I just would like to have a frame like any other frame I use in the board so I can merge boards together.

Hi @Michael Schade !
You have to use this whole link


<iframe src="[Miro board Link]"></iframe>


not only  

[Miro board Link]

I tried exactly that. Unfortunately it’s not working. It looks like this:
And I’m using the newest version of your OSx app.



That’s How it will look just click it and it will open in the same board!

It’s then a pop-up window. I cannot move it around in the same board. The idea is to have the content available like any other content in the board.



Just follow this

when copying the share link of the board make sure that the link has all edit permissions


<iframe src="[Miro board Link]" width=”1920px” heiight=”1080px”></iframe>

It’s still not working. It shows me a big play button and only opens with an overlay. I would like to have the possibility to have the linked board content exactly as available as the other content in the board. Side by side. And I checked all the permissions and I own both boards. But thanks anyhow for the help and maybe this will be a feature in the future ;)

Hi @Michael Schade 

Currently, this is the best way possible to connect multiple Miro boards. Miro board has some architecture that you can change! Maybe in the future, if they make this feature available then you will able to use Multiple Miro boards side by side like a pdf!

Yea - that is annoying that it doesn’t just display the other board.