Multiple Boards Open at the same time

I’d like to be able to have 2 different boards open in 2 different windows at the same time (gravy - maybe even from 2 different accounts). 

There are times when I want to transfer or refer to one board that may contain things like sensitive info while I’m working on a different (sometimes shared) board.

2 instances of the app open at the same time should be able to do this.  RIght now it crashes when I try to launch a second instance of the app.

Yes you can, just found it! File->New Window.... of course. Do you know how you can switch between them quickly? If you use them in fullscreen mode the only ways to switch seems to be using F3 (App Expose) or Cmd+1, Cmd+2, etc.

@Christopher Meyer -

You can definitely do this in a browser and the Miro app using the same account.

To be able to handle different accounts, you’d need to use two different Miro access methods simultaneously (e.g. regular browser session & incognito browser OR regular browser session & different browser).

Not sure why it is crashing when you try to open a second board - I’ve had multiple boards open simultaneously on my Windows 10 laptop using Miro via Google Chrome.

In case you are using the desktop app, I’d suggest uninstalling it and reinstalling it directly from Miro’s website to get the latest version.