Miro board previews when I share a link on Slack

When I share a link on Slack to a Miro board that I’m asking someone to collaborate on or join, it would be great if the link shared even a little bit of information from the board (title, description) or a short preview of the visual. Currently, this is what I see:

If my teammate already uses Miro, it doesn’t seem important to have information about what it is here, but rather, a preview of what I am sharing.

I personally don’t like it when shared link previews are huge and take up a lot of space in a conversation, so a short, horizontally formatted preview would be awesome!

I can’t believe this didn’t get any more votes!


Such an oversight.


I see links being passed around to Miro boards in Teams and Slack all day and they all look like the screenshot above - it’s impossible to know which board from which!


You can only play Miro roulette, and click the link and wait for an enourmous board to grind your machin to a halt only to find it’s not the one you were expecting.


Sort this out Miro :)

At least allow us to set the board name to appear on a (public) link if we’re happy for that info to be shared. 

We would like to share visual information to the rest of the team through Slack. 

Currently we just export the frame as an image and then share it, which is not ideal. 

Please prioritise this feature Miro :-)