Mindmap General Requests for Function (to not be removed?)


Could the mindmap capability please be amended to:

  • allow more connection points than just left or right of the pieces, particularly the root piece
    • as many as *I* choose would be preferable and up-down
  • Text alignment left or right or centred under my control not forced by the relation to the root piece
  • Ability to add bullet lists (even better full Markdown :-)
  • Nodes to have - if I choose - a shape outline and background colour or...

...Or maybe extend how ordinary shape additions work eg  just allow something like shift-return to add a sister shape that inherits the same parent and colour of shape and connector/  and ctrl-return to add a child-shape with ordinary connector & inherited attributes 

As is ‘mind-maps’ end up being two vertical lists with everything ‘magnetically attracted to align to the ’middle of the map’



I have always wanted to be able to have nodes coming out of any location of the root node.

Is there a way of “bumping” this request up the list? I have used multiple mind-map applications in the past and prefer to be able to have multiple connection points from the central node - exactly as described by the OP