Match Size (paste size?) mechanism would be useful

It would be useful to have a quick way to match the size of one object to another so one doesn’t end up with a wide variety of sizes or have to spend a lot of time dragging each object to line up with others one is trying to match.

Preferably a hotkey approach, so the “master” object can be selected, a hotkey pressed, and then one or more objects can be selected and then matched to the master size, perhaps via a second hotkey.

Maybe a “paste special” paradigm works. Click master object, Ctrl+C to copy. Click / select slave objects. Then some hotkey to say “paste size”.

I absolutely agree. I suggest looking into Google Slides or Google Drawing to understand this feature. It would be extremely helpful. Currently, adjusting object sizes is a huge pain as they can quickly become inconsistent with each other. If one of Miro’s goals is to be a presentation tool, then it is absolutely inherent to have a feature to mediate against sloppiness.

@Stuart -

have you tried duplicating and then morphing a shape as that maintains the relative dimensions? I just changed a rectangle to a circle and then an triangle and the relative size remained the same…


@Kiron Bondale 


I may be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what @Stuart means. He’s talking about matching the size of one object with another. For example, I have two boxes of the exact same size. I make one bigger than the other. I then attempt to increase the size of the small box to match the larger one, yet there is no way to ensure that the sizes are perfectly matched. Google Slides accomplishes this with snapping and referential guidelines.

I don’t think his issue is about transforming an object’s shape and retaining its size.

@Jerald Mariano & @Stuart -

If you want to proportional scale up or scale down objects, then you just need to select all of them and click and drag the overall set to scale them up or down. See below:

And when I drag from any of the corner anchors:

Is that what you meant?


@Kiron Bondale 

Sorry, the issue isn’t about resizing several objects at a time. It’s about matching the size of an object to another.


Try this example so you can see for yourself. Create 2 boxes in different positions and with different sizes. Attempt to match the size of one box with the other without moving them onto parallel gridlines. You’ll see that it is impossible to perfectly match the size and proportions of one box to another.


@Jerald Mariano -

Yes - there is no way to do this natively.

The only workaround would be to duplicate the object which is the size you’d want the morphed one to be, overlay it over one corner of the other, send it to the background, and then modify the shape of the other to match and finally delete the duplicate.


@Kiron Bondale,


@Jerald Mariano was correct that what I’m referring to is matching the size of objects. For example, if I have a bunch of notes that I’ve created, and I’ve had to tweak the size of one of the notes, I’d like a quick way to be able to adjust all the other notes to be the same size.

My current brute force work around is:

  • drag each note to be resized so its top or left edge align with the corresponding edge of the master note
  • adjust the size of the note to be resized to match the master note using the referential guides that appear
  • repeat for the opposite dimension of the note to be resized.

As you can imagine, this process is unwieldy.

What I’d prefer to do (as an example, there are other ways to achieve the same):

  • select all notes that I want to resize
  • right-click on the master note, select “make selected objects same size as this object”



PureRef has a good implementation of this feature: selected images can be normalized by width, height, or some kind of auto-scaling, all with keyboard shortcuts. I’d love to see the same in Miro; I use frames to organize moodboards and inspiration and I’m constantly resizing images by hand since they get dropped in at very different resolutions. 

This would be very useful. I would like it to work similarly to Mural in that you are able to select many objects and then resize them all be choose “resize to largest” or “resize to smallest” or “default.” So it would be great for shapes, in addition to sticky notes, to have default sizes. I really like the Small, Medium, Large defaults of the stickies, so having something similar for shapes would be great. 

I agree - Mural does a nice job with this : “resize to largest/smallest.” I used this feature all the time when I used Mural.

Agreed.  This feature would be a huge time saver and really clean up my boards quickly.

I’d love this, if you have a huge board, with multiple users, the sizes can get unruly. A huge selection + match size would save so much time.

This would help a lot, mapping a whole bunch of logos with different sizes would be so much easier with this!

I totally agree, I use Miro a lot for visual references based on video screenshots but videos does not have same size so then I have to scale them all manually to have a homogeneous board of screenshots. That could also be a feature that allow you to choose a height size for a selection of pictures and resize them all at that size. 

Like here for exemple, I will have to rescale everything to have a board and it’s a lot of work:


@Jerald Mariano & @Stuart -

If you want to proportional scale up or scale down objects, then you just need to select all of them and click and drag the overall set to scale them up or down. See below:

And when I drag from any of the corner anchors:

Is that what you meant?


Exactly what I was looking for to resize several pictures ! Thanks !


CTRL+ALT+C (copy style) and CTRL+ALT+V (past style) should paste the size of the element as well.

New to Miro and desperately missing this functionality. Please add.


CTRL+ALT+C (copy style) and CTRL+ALT+V (past style) should paste the size of the element as well.

Absolutely. This is needed. Currently Flowcharts are a bit tedious to adjust when you realize that you need to resize en masse.

Throwing my voice in to agree with all comments, alongside my upvote (various solutions including match largest / smallest, match width or height, copy and paste style). Semi-related thought would be smart snapping / alignment when cropping images or objects. This could include snapping on square or equidistant measurements. Thanks!

I would love this functionality. I’m switching from PureRef to Miro to collaborate with my team. Adding images and organizing them takes orders of magnitude longer without the “normalize scale horizontally” direction and “align + stack” shortcuts. Please add this before this app reactivates my repetitive stress injuries. 🙃

I would also love to have a way to set all rectangles to the same size as my source target. Now, I have to brute force it with exporting the figures to a new board, export to csv, then paste back as new notes. “Make same size” would be a nice tool to have.

I can only throw my vote here as well. This is a pure pain to deal with, as you are 100% sure that even with grid-lock, that no object is the same size as the others. Even with the guidelines when resizing, it is really hard to match it. I agree that a “copy size” or “match size” function is much needed. Also so you can select a bunch of objects and get them the same size in one easy process.


Please add!