Make all internal Miro links relational by default

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User Case: 
I hold the same workshop to multiple clients. I develop this board in one place, this is sort of a master version of the workshop. For each client I then hold the workshop for, I copy paste the relevant frames and items I wish to include into a new board which I have added to that account and project. 

The problem is only that when I do, all links are still pointing to the master version board, and not the frames in the new board. As I may want to have 10 or maybe even 100 links in one board, it makes it impossible to use links because of this, at least in this way. 

A nice feature would be to make the links stay relational within each board. As far as I understand it, the links are today built up by /boardID/widgetID. So I guess what I would like is that if I paste a set of 20 frames into a new board, containing 100 links, the link with /boardID/ would be updated, replacing the origin board ID with the destination board ID. 

Sometimes I might want those links to stay static (stay linked to the original board), but as I see this as a less commong need, I would add a $ to those links, to say that the board or widget link should stay intact: 

Relational link (will change to the new board):
Static link (will stay pointed to original board):$boardID/widgetID/ 

My current workaround to this today is to create a link grid as a template, or duplicate a whole board, and then remove unwanted frames, but both of these are rather hassly. 


Hey @Johan! Can duplicating a board be a workaround? You can copy your “master” board for every new client and then delete unnecessary information. Does it work for you?


This idea (with 50 votes at present) is a decent work around if it is implemented

please vote for it!

Just stumbled onto the save board as temple feature.

It will solve the basic problem @Johan has

Just stumbled onto the save board as temple feature.

It will solve the basic problem @Johan has


I tried that, it doesn’t work for me Any “Link to” links are still pointing to the old board.


This idea (with 50 votes at present) is a decent work around if it is implemented

please vote for it!


It is not. I tried, but the link targets are unique per board, so you can find, but have no idea what to replace with.

I have a basic search & replace script that uses the API to update all unlocked text elements on a board.

I find it pretty crazy that version control hasn’t been taken into account here. Who doesn’t make backups of big projects, including those that use lots of internal linking?

Use case: I’ve created a board for a conference with around 90 frames for each workshop, and using around 200 buttons that take users to different places on the board.

Consequence: What this means is that despite 20 admins of different skill levels editing the content, the one working copy of the board needs to be treated like the holy grail. Duplicating the board / downloading board backup / making a template  all have the links pointing to the original board rather than the new one, which is crazy imho. With this limitation, I can’t have peace of mind that the board will survive all the edits without my supervision.

What’s needed: The ability to reinstall a pervious version with all links pointing internally inside that board is hugely important. I hope this feature comes sooner rather than later 🙏

Yes, please!!!

I’ve created a template for the rest of my team to use with every new project. When I embed links into text and then copy the template, all my links still point to the frames in the template, rather than the new board. 

For linking from frame to frame, the Link to works just great - it automatically updates so the link works properly to take you to the correct frame in the new board. But the links in text do not. 😔

I didn’t realize this until I created a ToC with links to all the frames so the customer could navigate around easily, and then discovered all those links took me back to the template. Oops.

Another use case - I’ve got links embedded in the text throughout after a question. For example, ‘If yes, go to FrameXYZ next’ (where ‘FrameXYZ’ is a link in the text) or ‘As a pre-req for this meeting you need to complete Frame123’ and the link will take them to the exact frame they need to complete. Makes for a great interactive board but a lot of effort to add in the links each and every time. 


I was trying to find a solution to this all day today and found the answer:

You can create 2 types of links in Miro:
1• Insert a link on an element (hyperlink)
2• Create a "link to" from the extended menu

The link created a hyperlink (blue underlined text)
The "Link to" creates an arrow on the top right corner of the element. 

The "Link To" is a relative link - meaning it is relative to the board you're on
The Hyperlink is absolute - meaning it always goes back to the original board.

Here’s a loom video explaining it

Hope it helps