Jira cards - Change reporter automatically to user who creates an issue in Miro


It would be nice to have the person who creates a Jira ticket via Miro to be the reporter, instead of the person who installed the plugin. 



When you create a Jira ticket in Miro by default the user who set up the connection is the reporter.
When you would do this directly in Jira the user creating the issue is the reporter. This is useful in case you have questions regarding the issue, you directly know who to contact.

It is possible to change the reporter in Miro when creating the issue, however it would be really nice if this would be done automatically (the info could be extracted from the info of the Miro card).

+1. It’s really irritating to make this bulk change to stop watching issues once a while… 

Yes, please make this changeable, it is really not helping. Instead of the reporter, the assignee is set relating to the person that creates the JIRA ticket out of  Miro, which is also not really approproate in most cases.

Hi Miro. Any update on when we’ll get this fixed?

Hi miro, just connected jira och miro and was so excited until i got to assignee and reporter. How long are you from fixing it? pretty please, hurry!

I guess this feature is not interesting since it has existed for 9 month. Using Miro/Jira feature will be limited to “just” displaying issues if this do not functions in a different way.