Improve Clustering algorithm (BETA)

Definitely need to improve this so it can disambiguate real user research interview data (JTBD data example attached). The idea is to improve the algo, as I am not able to affinitize unstructured data very well. The tool, as of now, is ok at separating simple and short unclassified data. What I am asking for is very hard, but very worth it. No one has actually built a good qualitative data tool to structure unstructured interview data.

Get some inspiration here:

@mhl66 - If you haven’t already, I would suggest sending this feedback to the product team by using the feedback mechanism built in to the Clustering tool: 


This is amazing! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’ve noticed it mostly works in English. When will the tool be improved in other languages (my personal interest lies with Dutch).