Import SVG objects to be editable

Even if some functionality or styles are lost would like to be able to import SVG objects to Miro and be able to edit the geometry for UX designs and charting.

..or at least be able to change colors and outlines.

I’d prefer a Microsoft Visio import, but I’ll take editable SVG to start.  Visio has been around for a long time and there are many people that would love to transfer them into Miro without having to start over.  Even if an editable SVG transfer could get me 75% of the way there with text, basic shapes, and connection lines, it’s a win in my book!  It would also be a huge selling point for Visio users seeking an alternative.

This is critical - biggest gap in MIRO functionality that would:

  1. save time for existing users/ allowing them to migrate things to MIRO
  2. Enable access to new users - by making migration possible


Once an svg has been imported to a board, it cannot be modified and is essentially treated as a bitmap rather than a vector.


It is common to change the color scheme of a frame, particularly when preparing content for distrubution or when re-using assets between projects. The current workflow is to:

- Save all assets used on a board to the creator's workstation
- Find each asset that requires a color change and then modify each one in illustrator or inkscape
- save the file as an alternate version of the same .svg

This wastes alot of time


- Support color change for svgs (this is built into the technology and is supported by every browser via javascript

Expanded use case:
- Offer a large library of media that may be customized (or work with sites such as "noun project" and "unsplash"

@Karl Mochel@REB618@Kerem Floor@Ket@Jeremiah 'JR' Ross :

It should be possible to get this by miro itself - they have done this with the wireframe library:


Here you can colourize elements … we need a library that offers the same functionality AND important: The lements should be rotatable

Best Michael

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Seriously Miro, it’s been 2 years.  Your REST API is also laughable.  Please don’t make me regret using this service and find something else.


This should be a very basic minimum functionality IMO.


Is ths not possible yet?

Is ths not possible yet?

Following up here. Is there anything like this available yet?

Evidently not. In my workflow, I need to import symbols that won’t be in Noun Project etc. I also need them to be changeable at least in fill color. Today, an imported svg color fill can’t be changed.😥

Please add this feature



I appreciate the new Images and Icons–tool, but still no color change enabled. It would help us a lot to follow the guidelines of our University’s Design System and Design Language!


#firstpost app can be connected to miro. Draw is is an editable SVG basically.

Hi @smil2k 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback on the SVG objects. The Miro team appreciates your patience as we evaluate and process each Wish List Idea submission. We will be sure to share your feedback with our team and update this thread if this feature becomes available.

In the meantime, for those coming across this idea, if you feel this would be helpful for you or your business, please be sure to vote for it and leave a comment about your use case to help our team scope this request!