Images as board backgrounds - BEHIND frames

Would like the ability to lay down a large image as the background for a board, and then place frames ON TOP of it.

I use a lot of large-scale metaphors and images to hold my boards together (see below), but the problem is that frames always go BEHIND any image or item on the board, so if you lay down a giant background image and then try to select and move the smaller frames, you can’t…. they’ll always be “stuck” behind the giant image.

I would like the ability the lay down an image, lock it to the background, and then put my frames and other content on top.  See related discussion here:


I would also like to see this.  I would like the ability to have a large-scale image as my background and layer frames on top, leveraging the new hide frame feature so content is only visible when I chose to reveal it. 



@Kim Roth Howe If what you suggest about being able to add and lock large images into the background could happen, Miro would be the ultimate collaborative tool. How can we make them see how crucial this is? Count me in as a fellow petitioner.

Being able to lock images into the background would indeed be a great feature to have!

I wish I could vote for this feature more than once.

I’d like to vote more than once as well. I wonder if there’s a way we can help attract others in the forums here, who would also value this feature but who haven’t stumbled across the posts that have been offered? If we can’t vote more than once, our only option seems to be to find others to add their votes to ours.

yes please, this would really help give a consistent theme and “graphical identity” to my boards 



Yes, please.  I would be able to create some pretty cool boards if this was possible.

This would be super helpful! Voted!

yes please, this would really help give a consistent theme and “graphical identity” to my boards 



This is definitely what I’ve been feeling too. Trying to give my boards a “graphical identity” so they don’t look like every other Miro board is something I’ve been trying to achieve.

That feature would be useful to set a canvas (pdf or any image) as background and play on top of it.

I often have to “send to back” some items and do then the same on background canvas to have the line back on screen.

Setting an item as “Background” (or like level “-1”) could to the trick.

I realize I’m describing how PowerPoint is managing it with the “slide master”.

Yes please. Its the only thing I miss about Mural. Miro is a way better tool, but this would be brilliant. 

It’s frustrating trying to create any kind of true, immovable background. Whether it’s an image or objects, my teams end up with lots of items close together and it’s REALLY easy to accidentally select the background, even if you think you definitely clicked on the object you want.

Having items that aren’t even clickable would make it much easier to move things from a zoomed out view.

Having objects that aren’t clickable BUT that other items could line up with/snap to would also be amazing for creating templates.