Hide the left Teams sidebar


Is the way to hide a left Teams sidebar (icons)? 

As a consultant I work with different clients and each Team represents space for the client project. I used the logos of the companies I work with to easy navigate (this also helps to find the Team space by the client’s participants invited to the team). 

But … 

When sharing the screen I show the list of companies I work(ed) with and this is something I would prefer to hide. I could share the part of the screen but this is not practical if I switch to other apps (e.g. PowerPoint) 

Any ideas how to hide it?



@Grzegorz - This is not currently possible, but your use case and reason for wanting to do so makes sense. 

I had a look at existing Wish List Idea category posts and could not find one that matched your ask, so I moved your post to the Wish List category upvoting.


For now, you would need to remove your clients' icons. You could also explore having someone with a development background create some custom browser code to hide the sidebar, but that would all be done at your own risks as it could break at anytime.

@Robert Johnson Thank you. Indeed, removing clients icons or making them more generic (unidentifiable) could do the job but it’s always a nice treat if the client sees a customized working space. Let’s see if the idea finds some traction ...